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View of Inis Mor from summer pastures of Padraic O Falithearta Aran Islands Sept. 2018.


World-famous for their mix of Irish culture and nature, the Aran Islands are learning just how much they owe to agriculture, and how much they may have to pay to keep it

Reading Time: 7 minutes In Galway Bay just off the coast of Ireland, a new five-year project called AranLIFE aims to help preserve both a unique farming system and also the cultural and ecologically important landscapes that depend on it. It’s a project that started with the same question that more Canadian farmers and non-farmers are also asking. Is […] Read more

Patraic Ó Flaithearta's cattle on summer pasture at Inis Mor Sept. 2018.

Farming on the edge

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farming on the three Aran Islands off the coast of Galway, Ireland, is quite literally, farming on the edge. Or, actually, on many kinds of edges. Winter pastures on the north coast cling to cliffs that jut into the crashing Atlantic, while on the southern side, orchid-strewn summer pastures sweep gently between ancient stone walls […] Read more

Farmer John Sheridan opens a gate on a farm which straddles both borders where the gate marks the exact border between Ireland and Northern Ireland between County Cavan and County Fermanagh near Florencecourt, Northern Ireland on Nov. 30. (Clodagh Kilcoyne photo for Reuters)

Farmers demand invisible Irish border, post-Brexit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Florencecourt, Northern Ireland | Reuters — Northern Irish sheep farmers like John Sheridan collectively transport more than 1,000 lambs a day over the Irish border for slaughter and shipment to shoppers across the European Union. At the moment, the process is seamless. But Sheridan sees a threat to his life’s work, his family’s future and […] Read more

Ireland reports BSE case, says no risk to health

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dublin | Reuters — Ireland said Wednesday that a dead cow had been confirmed as having bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), but said it had not entered the food chain and there was no risk to human health or beef’s trade status. The animal tested positive for “atypical” BSE, Ireland’s agriculture department said in a statement, […] Read more

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OIE cuts six European countries’ BSE risk level

Reading Time: 2 minutes Paris | Reuters — The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has lowered to the safest level the official risk of six countries for BSE, a move expected to open international market access for their beef exports. These countries are France, Ireland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Liechtenstein. OIE members in Paris last week eased […] Read more

U.S. allows imports of Irish beef, first EU shipments in 17 years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dublin/Brussels | Reuters — Ireland has become the first European Union country allowed to export beef to the U.S., 17 years after Washington banned EU imports over BSE. This follows a successful inspection by U.S. authorities of Ireland’s beef production system completed in July, the Irish agriculture department said on Monday, after the ban on […] Read more