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Investment in a broad range of agriculture and food sectors, including the agri-environmental field, are planned.

Funds for agricultural innovation

Partnership aims to send the message that agtech is a great place to invest

Reading Time: 4 minutes Developing an “innovation ecosystem” across Canada and increasing the nation’s competitiveness in the global agriculture and agri-food industry are the goals of a new partnership between Bioenterprise Corporation and Farm Credit Canada (FCC). “FCC is the Canadian standard for financial support and banking in agriculture and agri-food in the country,” says Dave Smardon, president and […] Read more

Investment model offers opportunity for farm expansion

Could Joelle Faulkner’s partnership concept work on your farm?

Reading Time: 9 minutes It’s a common scenario: Farmer Bill has been renting land from his neighbour for years but the time has come and he is ready to sell. He wants Bill to have first refusal on the land, but Bill has just financed a new barn and bought a new combine, so he’s too over-extended to raise […] Read more

It’s called FarmWorks

This innovative investment fund is creating a new model for getting financial help into the hands of farmers who can make a difference

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the highest tides in the world enters Jennifer and Kevin Graham’s front yard twice a day. Their 30-acre farm near the seaside village of Kingsport, N.S., runs down to the Minas Basin, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy. This area, like the entire stretch of the Annapolis Valley, is peppered with farms[...]
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To play in the big leagues

Investors with deep pockets are asking, “Why aren’t Canada’s ag entrepreneurs taking the world by storm?” Now they think they’ve figured out how to join in making it happen

Reading Time: 6 minutes From his desk in San Diego, former farm manager turned corporate investor Arama Kukutai has been pitched 822 times in the last year by farmers, ag scientists and entrepreneurs, all of them wanting to use his money to grow their brainwaves into the next Apples and Amazons of the world’s $3 trillion ag market. Almost[...]
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Agtech funds and where it’s investing

AVAC and Bioenterprise investments point to amazing opportunities to participate in technology that will revolutionize farming

Reading Time: 5 minutes The dollars are big, and they’re quickly getting bigger. An influx of capital is pouring into innovations all along the food value chain, from logistics and food processing to primary production. According to Agfunder, an online equity crowdfunding platform for agricultural technology, interest is accelerating, with 2014’s whole-year total of $2.36 billion getting matched in[...]
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For Saskatoon-area realtor Jeff Kwochka, as for realtors across the country, when a Canadian farm goes on sale today, the market is the world

The land question

Can you build a sustainable farm on rented land?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s hard to acquire new dirt. Even if you can convince yourself that today’s spiking land prices are still affordable, competition from other farmers, developers and investors adds up to a red-hot real estate market. And retiring farmers aren’t necessarily selling their acres either, which leaves many young farmers counting themselves very, very lucky if[...]
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Are you marketing, or speculating?

University of Minnesota’s online Commodity Challenge can be a great place to improve your marketing skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year’s drop in grain prices, together with many producers’ inability in the West to deliver contracted grain, has left farmers scrambling to maximize revenues and even to generate some cash flow from last year’s production. Many seem to be jumping into new marketing strategies. But first, they should ask themselves, their grain buyers, their marketing advisers, and their commodity brokers (if they[...]
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Stymied by bidding wars and by farms that get sold without ever hitting the market, young farmers like Manitoba's Dustin Williams are too often mere bystanders

Too young to grow?

Canada’s next generation of farmers are smart, ambitious — and trapped on small acreages

Reading Time: 7 minutes As land prices ride high across Canada, it’s a struggle for young and mid-career farmers to compete against established farms and outside investors to buy land, or even to find it. They also need to ask themselves some tough questions. How much can I afford to pay? Can I service the debt? And then there’s[...]
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