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Yvonne Lawley checking cover crops intercropped with corn at the University of Manitoba Carman Research Farm in September 2019. Lawley and colleague Emma McGeough hope to get funding for a Prairie-wide project on intercropping.

Going wide on corn row spacing

In this research, allowing more space for the intercrop has little or no effect on corn yield

Reading Time: 5 minutes Get used to a new term in corn production — “solar corridor.” The idea is to provide a wide enough row spacing to allow sunlight to reach intercrops such as clover and hairy vetch. How wide? How does 60 inches sound? Intercropping is attracting more interest from straight grain as well as livestock producers. Grain […] Read more

From do-it-yourself modifications to manufactured units, the machinery for inter-seeding covers is evolving at a remarkable pace.

Four growers who believe in inter-seeding into standing corn

"It’s something that we have to start doing and advertising to the consumer," Gerard Grubb, Mildmay farmer

Reading Time: 11 minutes As trends go, this one is picking up steam. Two years ago, it seemed a novelty. You were lucky to see it outside of a few test locations such as at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, although there were also isolated growers who had become believers, especially in Quebec. Today, the movement has clearly spread, not […] Read more