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Corteva to stop making Lorsban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicago | Reuters — Corteva will stop producing the agricultural pesticide chlorpyrifos by the end of the year, the company said on Thursday, removing the world’s largest manufacturer of a chemical that has been linked to low birth weight, reduced IQ and attention disorders in children. Corteva, spun off last year after a merger of […] Read more

The active ingredient in Sefina — afidopyropen — interferes with an aphid’s orientation and balance, preventing them from feeding on soybean leaves.

A new insecticide for soybean aphids

Sefina’s control of soybean aphids differs from other products

Reading Time: 4 minutes Much anticipation always arrives with each new growing season. Successes are kept in perspective while past challenges are minimized, and the promise of a fresh start is enticing, if not a small source of anxiety. It’s much the same for a product launch: there’s the potential to help growers enhance their crop production, whether it’s […] Read more

UPL to buy crop chem firm Arysta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indian chemical manufacturer UPL has raised the financial backing for an all-cash deal to become what’s expected to be the world’s fifth biggest crop chemical firm. UPL on July 20 announced it will pay $4.2 billion to buy 100 per cent of Arysta LifeScience — the maker of Everest and Inferno herbicides, among other products […] Read more

“I can’t tell you how often I hear, ‘Oh, it’s just a fungicide, fog it in. Pesticide drift is pesticide drift, whether it has instant visual damage or economic damage, or not.” – Jason Deveau, 'Spray Guy'

‘Spray Guy’ puts the nix on ‘cavalier’ fungicide application

Fungicide drift should earn the same prevention as herbicide, according to one of Western Canada’s best-known spraying experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most farmers are more worried about drift if they’ve got herbicide in the tank, but at least one spray expert says those same concerns should apply to fungicide and insecticide. “I can’t tell you how often I hear, ‘Oh, it’s just a fungicide, fog it in,” said Jason Deveau, the fondly nicknamed “spray guy” from […] Read more

Germany plans to toughen conditions for insecticide use

Reading Time: < 1 minute Berlin | Reuters — Germany plans to make it more difficult for farmers to use crop insecticides in a bid to preserve biodiversity, an environment ministry document showed. “Insect biomass has fallen by more than 75 per cent in the last 27 years in Germany,” according to the paper seen by Reuters on Wednesday, saying […] Read more

EU summit sought over major egg contamination scare

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters –– The European Commissioner in charge of food safety has called for a meeting of ministers and national regulatory agencies to discuss a widespread European contamination scare, which has seen shops remove millions of eggs from sale. Tensions have risen between agricultural ministers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany after traces of […] Read more

Figure 1: Lamb’s quarters control at 10 days after application of glyphosate (centre) compared to the tank mix of glyphosate + the “crop enhancer” (right) and the unsprayed control (left).

Pest Patrol: Mixing ‘crop enhancer’ with glyphosate for weed control

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

Reading Time: 2 minutes [Question:] I recently received this query. “I have a client who wants to mix a ‘crop enhancer’ with glyphosate to control weeds in glyphosate-tolerant soybeans. According to the manufacturer’s website, this product ‘can be combined with other applications (e.g. fertilizer, herbicides, insecticide, etc.).’ However, when I read the composition of the product, it appears to […] Read more

U.S. EPA moves to pull crop insecticide from sale

Reading Time: 2 minutes CLARIFIED, March 7, 2016: Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday it was moving to halt sale of insecticides from chemical firms Bayer and Nichino America containing an active ingredient, flubendiamide, found to pose risks to the environment. Bayer CropScience had anticipated the action after rejecting the EPA’s request to voluntarily […] Read more

Female parasitic wasp with midge eggs.

Beneficial insects can reduce the economic threat if wheat midge arrives

Two natural predators 
can help with wheat midge problems if you foster their populations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wheat midge, a non-native pest that feeds on developing wheat kernels, is a serious economic threat to farmers, especially in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. But the pest is now a growing problem in Alberta, including Peace River country, and starting to attack Montana’s wheat crops. However, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers know ways to reduce its […] Read more

An aphid infestation on a soybean leaf.

Beneficial insects can fight in your corner, if you let them

A new field guide will be available both electronically and in print in time for you to use through the upcoming crop year

Reading Time: 6 minutes Farmers are only hurting themselves if they aren’t giving a helping hand to the natural allies in the fields that can assist them in controlling pests. Nature not only provides, as the old proverb says. Research proves that it also pays. In fact, new research even tells us how much it pays. Natural pest suppression […] Read more