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russet potatoes

Time-saving meals for busy families

We asked chef Tony Mancini how he’d cook for today’s hectic farm lifestyles

Reading Time: 6 minutes Despite all our time-saving technology, we all seem to be busier than ever, cramming ever more things into our days. Farm work, off-farm jobs, kids’ sports, volunteer commitments plus, hopefully, at least a little time for some fun social activities and exercise for ourselves mean it can be a challenge to eat healthily. Don’t despair. […] Read more

people packing food boxes with vegetables

FoodShare provides fresh vegetables, food security

Farm groups are getting on the inside with Toronto’s world-class food outreach program

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I fire off a last-minute email to confirm the details of my scheduled visit, I mention that I have never before seen a food bank. Debbie Field, executive director of FoodShare, politely responds, “We are not a food bank,” she tells me. “We’re a community food hub.” Food bank, food hub. But the next day, […] Read more

Beef producer Bob Gordanier (l) presents $40,000 cheque to the food bank's Bill Laidlaw.

When farm organizations work with charities, everyone wins

More than a trend, feeding hungry people is becoming an essential business practice

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Bill Laidlaw was general manager of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, he had no more insight than anyone else into what food banks were, what they did, or how they operated. Now, as executive director of the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB), he spends a lot of his time lobbying the government, companies and […] Read more

Slicing mushrooms with a knife.

Healthy food for busy farm families

As Virginia Woolf wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Reading Time: 3 minutes They call it arsenic hour. It’s that time of day when the parents are back in the house, but before dinner is served. Everyone is tired. Everyone is hungry, and there’s an emotional meltdown waiting to happen, either to you or the kids. It’s no wonder we so often resort to processed or take-out food […] Read more