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Guide Health: Dealing with migraines

Migraines often have a trigger, whether it be environmental or lifestyle

Reading Time: 2 minutes The excruciatingly painful headaches classed as migraines are considered to be the most common type of headache. About 25 per cent of women and nine per cent of men are affected with between four and six work days lost per year for each sufferer. Migraines are thought to involve a nervous system dysfunction which results […] Read more

Guide Health: Oh, my head hurts

Don’t just shake off a head injury. Get it checked out. Brain injuries can lead to serious consequences that may not appear for decades

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hitting your head may just give you a headache, but you should never dismiss the hit as a minor injury. About 2.5 per cent of the Canadian population injure their heads each year, so it’s not an uncommon problem. But it can be serious. The type of head injuries that you hear most about in […] Read more

Guide Health: Watch your balance while on sleep medications

Benzodiazepines used for sleeplessness and anxiety can make you prone to falling

Reading Time: 3 minutes Benzodiazepines are a large group of drugs that work through the nervous system to reduce anxiety and alleviate sleeplessness. Common members include diazepam, oxazepam, lorazepam, temazepam and alzprazolam. First discovered in the 1950s, they were observed to have “taming” effects on several animal species, with the effects in monkeys leading to clinical trials in humans. […] Read more