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Hanson Acres: Making more room at the Christmas table

With or without COVID-19, the big thing is to maintain the connection!

Reading Time: 4 minutes For the 2020 Christmas dinner there were seven places around Jeff and Elaine Hanson’s table. The two of them, their two kids, Jeff’s parents, Dale and Donna, and Elaine’s laptop. “I think we’re spending more time with extended family this year than ever,” Donna said. Before and during Christmas dinner the Hansons had caught up, […] Read more

hanson acres

Hanson Acres: The air turns blue, in more ways than one

It was supposed to be so simple. Pick up the kids. Take them to school. Go for a coffee…

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Once this pandemic is over,” Donna had told her husband Dale while she filled a travel mug with coffee, “I’m going to start a safari business.” “Huh?” Dale said through a mouth full of toast and peanut butter. “This past week I’ve seen nine moose, 12 deer, four antelope and two raccoons from the road.” […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: A long hot summer suddenly comes to a sticky sweet end

It all just goes to show that on the farm, if it isn’t one thing, it’s always another

Reading Time: 5 minutes Near the end of harvest, Jeff could barely remember a day that hadn’t been hot. Too hot. The excitement of a nice sunny day had worn off weeks earlier. At least there was a breeze today. “Can we have a bonfire tonight, Dad?” 10-year-old Connor asked from the passenger seat as Jeff turned into the […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: Counting the years… or better make it ‘days’

Of all the Hansons’ harvests, here’s one Connor will never forget

Reading Time: 5 minutes “You know,” 10-year-old Connor told his dad, “if I was running the grain cart instead of Grandpa, you’d have an extra person to help get the combine out of the slough.” Jeff tried not to laugh. “One more year, buddy. You’re still a little young.” Yesterday, Jeff had spent at least 20 minutes explaining the […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: On the run in our COVID-19 summer

Maybe there was always going to be a day when the lockdown just seemed too tough to handle

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Are you sure we’re not going camping?” seven-year-old Jenny asked her mom for the third time. “Maybe you’re just not telling me because it’s going to be a surprise?” Elaine stopped chopping carrots and bent down to give her daughter a hug. “I wish that was what we’re doing, but it’s just not going to […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: Feeling lucky to be on the farm

The new normal isn’t so easy, and there’s uncertainty ahead, but we’re together now

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jeff and Dale Hanson had spent Easter Sunday out in the yard, changing the openers on the air drill. Jeff’s nine-year-old son Connor was more help than they’d expected, until they sent him to the shop for more tools. “Run over and get the 9/16 wrench,” his grandfather asked. Connor got as far as the […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: “What if I don’t have any choice?”

There’s more crop to get in the ground, and a big decision to make

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale’s phone started ringing just as his toast popped out of the toaster. He managed to pick up the call after the third ring. It was his sister, Margaret. Since their father’s death, Margaret and Dale tried to keep in touch, talking on the phone at least once a month. Dale got up early, so […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: What the heck is that smell? And where is it coming from?

Some days, life in town sounds like it would just be so easy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale Hanson muttered curses to himself as he walked across the farmyard, crossing from his house to the shop. The bright sun and cloudless blue sky were not enough to cheer him up. With the warm almost-spring air, he hadn’t bothered with a jacket, and now he was chilly as well as aggravated. He cursed […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: Why worry? We’ve made this trip so many times

Forget all that technology. The pioneers criss-crossed the continent by horse

Reading Time: 4 minutes “How much farther?” Dale Hanson asked his wife. Donna peered at the Garmin and groaned. “The screen still says we’ll be there in four minutes.” Dale snorted and kept his eyes on the road. What he could see of it anyway. The Hansons had left Arizona in Donna’s car two days ago. After one night […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: A long way from home, but hardly on her own

It’s a good thing you can never really leave the farm behind. Just ask Trina

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Guess what! Guess what!” Trina Hanson shouted to her husband Tom as she rushed into their house in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, after another long workday. “You won the lottery?” Tom guessed. “You know I don’t buy lottery tickets! Really, guess!” Trina shrugged off her backpack and pulled her sweater over her head. […] Read more