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Hanson Acres: One more thing for Donna’s list

For the Hanson family, that mid-winter trip to Hawaii just keeps giving and giving

Reading Time: 5 minutes Donna Hanson was trying to be as quiet as possible while she got ready to go out, but she still woke her husband, Dale. He opened his eyes and looked up at her. Then he raised his head a few inches and dropped it back to the pillow. “I’m feeling even worse than yesterday,” he […] Read more

Hanson Acres: The big moment comes with a hitch

Too many nerves, too much talk, too many games… oh, just put a ring on it!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Two minutes before her wedding was scheduled to start, as she waited at the edge of the lawn to take the short walk down the beach toward her groom and the hired minister, Trina Hanson was worried. It wasn’t the weather. The weather was always perfect in Hawaii. It wasn’t her dress. She loved the […] Read more

Hanson Acres: It’s the last mile that really counts

All kinds of distances have to be travelled when Trina decides to tie the knot

Reading Time: 4 minutes By the time the Hanson family got to the check-in desk at their hotel in Maui, the normally mild-mannered Dale had lost his patience. “Look!” he whispered a little too loudly, elbowing his wife Donna. “That’s the couple that cut in front of us in the car rental lineup!” It was definitely the same couple […] Read more

Hanson Acres: That message at the post office

“You’re the only person I’ve talked to,” said their neighbour Tara, still shaking

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Here you go,” Gina said, passing a cardboard box through the open half-door of the post office into Elaine’s waiting arms. “I saw you pull up in front, so I dug this out of the stack for you.” Elaine laughed. “I wouldn’t get this kind of attention if I got my mail in the city!” […] Read more

Hanson Acres: What the heck… where’s my truck gone?

Nobody’s saying anything on the Hanson farm, which seems just fine

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Thanksgiving, the Hansons still hadn’t solved the mysteries of Labour Day Monday. And they certainly never discussed them. It had started when Jeff’s phone rang. After a half hour of shovelling long-spoiled grain out of an old wooden grain bin with temperatures in the high thirties and a sky filled with smoke from northern […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Trading places, like it or not

Harvest finds the Hansons catching up with the season, and the season catching up with them

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Hansons were close to the end of harvest on the Monday morning when Donna stopped in at her daughter-in-law’s house to drop off her empty lunch cooler and thermos from the evening before. “The canola on the Richards’ quarter is yielding way better than I thought it would,” Donna told her daughter-in-law, Elaine. “Great,” […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Scooting around the old farm never felt quite like this

When Aunt Trina comes for a visit, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground

Reading Time: 4 minutes Eight-year-old Connor was happy to see his aunt Trina when she came to visit the Hansons in July. Connor’s mother Elaine was happy to see that Connor managed to wait almost a full 10 minutes before asking, “Did you bring us anything?” Connor wasn’t generally greedy, but since Trina had started working for an ag […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Dale and his auto-steer… the second day

Somehow the technology wasn’t thinking quite like an old farmer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale was breathless. He leaned against the tractor tire, using one hand to pull his phone out of his inside jacket pocket. He took a deep breath, then let it out with a sigh. He didn’t want to make this call. He squinted down at his phone, cursing the way his self-darkening glasses made it […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Four men, a boy and a dog, and the toughest job of all

It’s spring on the farm, almost. The equipment is ready, the seed is ready. So...

Reading Time: 5 minutes It was such a bright spring day outside that it took Dale’s self-darkening glasses a few seconds to adjust to the lighting inside the Hanson farm shop. Even so, he could hear shouting and sense movement in the building in front of him. As he hesitated in the doorway, a sudden dark shadow flew toward […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Time for one more load before spring gets real

Across the country, it’s called beating the ban. Jeff isn’t likely to forget (again)

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Jeff rolled the semi to a stop at the Hanson’s farmyard gate before he pulled out onto the grid road he thought he heard shouting. It didn’t take him long to find the source. There wasn’t a lot of mud in the Hanson’s yard this spring, but his kids had found it. Five-year-old Jenny […] Read more