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Grain analyzer gets attention

Soybean Guide: With more soybeans and corn stored on farm, this new analyzer is paying off

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s easy to see why grain analyzers and testers are garnering more attention in ag circles, from the farm all the way up through elevators and even at large-scale processors. With tighter margins and a greater focus on finding efficiencies, but also with more focus on traceability, more interest in new traits, and more markets […] Read more

Moving grain to market

Truckers and farmers are still figuring each other out following a massive move to hired transport

Reading Time: 6 minutes The 2014 crop is in the bin, and farmers now face their two perennial post-harvest challenges. They must market their grains and oilseeds amid a challenging world scene, and they must move those harvests efficiently off the farm. Over the past 20 years, the way they’ve done that second job has changed dramatically. Back when […] Read more

Cargill to close Man. grain facility

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters – Cargill Ltd. said on Thursday that it will close its Swan River, Manitoba grain facility, which includes two elevators, as of May 31, 2015. The facility would require costly upgrades if it remained open, Jeff Wildeman, regional manager of Cargill AgHorizons said in a statement. Cargill’s crop inputs facility in Swan River will remain open. The decision comes as Cargill […] Read more