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A view from above of Stamp Seeds in Alberta.

The joy of farm diversification

On more farms across Canada, keeping an eye open for diversification opportunities is part of what it means to farm

Reading Time: 11 minutes Chances are, any reader of Country Guide knows at least some farmers who have diversified in some way. The odds are good, too, that you’ve heard them get talked about. Maybe you’ve done some of the talking yourself? Everyone has an opinion. Are these farmers risk-takers, or are they just ordinary farmers like you who […] Read more


The other energy business

While Grant focuses on the farm, Colleen Dyck is building their Gorp energy bars into a national brand

Reading Time: 5 minutes I always knew I was going to start something,” says Colleen Dyck. “I just didn’t know what it was going to be or what it was going to look like.” Of course, many people have dreams, and many people nurture a hope that they will become, build, or do something special. It doesn’t always happen. But […] Read more