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Now there are tools that help you make better and more efficient crosses so you can focus your resources or impose selection earlier based on lab data.” — Rob Duncan, University of Manitoba

Still sifting through genes, but…

Plant breeding has always been about testing to see how one gene interacts with another, but today it can be done much more quickly

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today’s new generation of plant breeders are often called “gene jockeys,” although they’re actually more like cowboys rounding up “genotypes” into a common corral called a “genome.” Then they look for other genomes to add to the corral so they can improve the herd. Previous generations of plant breeders did the same thing, but they […] Read more

(Stephen Ausmus photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Scientists peel back carrot’s genetic secrets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters — Scientists have gotten to the root of the carrot, genetically speaking. Researchers said Monday they have sequenced the genome of the carrot, an increasingly important root crop worldwide, identifying genes responsible for traits including the vegetable’s abundance of vitamin A, an important nutrient for vision. The genome may point to ways to improve […] Read more

(Jack Dykinga photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Genetic codebreaking on wheat years ahead of schedule

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sequencing the infamously complex genome for bread wheat — a game-changing task for wheat breeding that’s been estimated to take four or five more years — may now just take another couple of years, following a milestone announced Wednesday. The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), a team co-led by Canadian researchers, announced Wednesday it […] Read more