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If businesses took no risks, they most likely would never grow or expand. Farms are no different, but what are you prepared to pay to cover that risk and how will you do it?

A word about your farm

Financial fluency is paying off for farms who learn the lingo

Reading Time: 7 minutes A growing number of financial advisors are talking a different language today than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Increasingly they see that the financial health of the farm goes way beyond the numbers on the balance sheet or income statement. They know those numbers are underpinned by some basic fundamentals that require sound […] Read more

“There is a real need in small business — particularly in agriculture — to have someone who can become part of the management team.” – Trish Fournier.

Building a better farm business

Is Trish Fournier creating the new template for how Canada’s farms will inject cutting-edge financial skills and strategic business acumen into their mid- to large-size operations?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Today’s farm operations are growing ever more complex. There are crucial production, financial, human resource, marketing and other management decisions to be made, and it is impossible for farmers to be expert in every facet of the business. Enter farm business advisors. Hiring advisors and consultants isn’t a new concept, as farmers have outsourced accounting […] Read more

From bad to worse, to better again

How one farm couple and their financial advisor restructured significant debt to dig them out of dire financial circumstances

Reading Time: 6 minutes Art Lange, left, walks the field edge and says that in an ideal world, every farm would make money every year and every farm manager would always make the best financial decisions. But it’s not a perfect world. Well-kept financial records help. So do staying on top of production costs and following a budget, but […] Read more

Family through succession: Moving succession to a financial discussion

As we look into concrete financial options, a sense of excitement replaces the family’s initial worries

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many of you have been following our journey with the Hunter family. To recap, the Hunters are a fourth-generation farm family with a mixed crop and dairy farm in southwestern Ontario. Mary’s husband Jack passed away two years ago. She is 80 now and continues to live on the farm. Her only child, Bruce, works […] Read more

Follow the five per cent rule

Incremental changes can have a big impact on your operation

Reading Time: 4 minutes You may have heard the saying, “Take care of the small things and the big things take care of themselves.” This is a great piece of advice for life in general, and it also very much applies in the context of running a farm business, where even small changes can have a big impact on […] Read more

life insurance policy

Life insurance strategies

These five strategies can be serious winners for farm corporations. But be prepared to do some equally serious homework

Reading Time: 5 minutes If everything is tied up in fixed assets when a major change happens, even the best-managed farms can stumble and fall. Debts suddenly become unmanageable, family farms get bogged down in the mud of unachievable succession, and estates get devoured by tax liability. Setting up a rational way to deal with these situations ahead has some […] Read more

farmer thinking

Editor’s Desk: Our farm advisers can do better

Many farmers are frustrated by the conflicting advice they get from different channels

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s no question that much of the progress that farmers have made in the past five years has come from the quality of advice they have received. It’s impossible to weave an accurate statistical story of the progress agriculture has made since the bull market began in 2007, but I’m convinced that most farmers have […] Read more