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“The biggest take-away for me,” says farm-raised Nikki Tomoniko, “is that there is a place for someone with my skill set ... I’d never thought of farming as a career path.”

How Farmers Edge is turning youth into business leaders

Internship program pairs up youth and farm clients with company’s FarmCommand platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nikki Tomoniko never intended to work in agriculture. In the spring of 2018, the young Neepawa, Man. woman was looking for a summer job when a family friend mentioned Farmers Edge had a new internship program and was trying to find students for its Alberta office. Tomoniko was studying English and French at university and […] Read more

Farmers Edge’s online event on March 3 included a congratulatory note from TMX Group, owner of the TSX. (Farmers Edge video screengrab)

Farmers Edge launches IPO

Digital ag firm makes first public share offering to big demand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Manitoba’s best-known digital agriculture firm is now a publicly-traded company. Farmers Edge, founded in 2005 in Pilot Mound, Man. by agronomists Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon, has carved out a niche using field-centric data, artificial intelligence and its FarmCommand data management platform. CEO Wade Barnes called it an exciting day during an online press conference […] Read more

“With technology, if you come late to the party on a disruption, once you realize you’ve been disrupted, you can never fix it,” says Wade Barnes.

Our ‘Amazon moment’

As Wade Barnes sees it, farms and farm suppliers can either embrace today’s tech disruption, or get ready to sell to those who will

Reading Time: 5 minutes More ag companies are testing the winds of change. They believe agriculture is on the cusp of another technological revolution, this time fueled by digitization and online connectivity. This revolution will bring risk, and it will bring opportunity. And, for sure, it will bring disruption. It will change what it takes to be successful, both […] Read more

(Image courtesy Farmers Edge)

Self-checking field health mapping system launched

Reading Time: 3 minutes The farmer’s job of poring over satellite field maps looking for disease, weed and insect trouble is about to go automatic. Winnipeg-based digital ag consulting firm Farmers Edge recently released Health Change Maps and Notifications, a new function that automatically scans the company’s daily satellite imagery and alerts growers of any changes in field health […] Read more

Adding an agronomist to your farm team

Adding an agronomist to your farm team

As farming gets more complicated a growing number of companies are offering to help out. Some farmers get advice from their local independent retailer, or an agronomist employed by a company like CPS. But more and more farmers are choosing to pay for agronomic advice. Based on the logo-covered trucks parked at farm shows, the[...]
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Farmers Edge is partnering with Planet, the company with the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites, to bring farmers satellite images of fields several times a week. (Submitted image)

Farmers Edge expands satellite imagery offering

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farmers Edge says it’s making satellite imagery a practical and affordable agronomic tool for farmers through a new strategic partnership with Planet, the company with the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites. “We think this will be game-changing,” Farmers Edge president and CEO Wade Barnes said in an interview Oct. 3. “I think it’s going to[...]
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Major investment to build Farmers Edge’s data power

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadian precision agronomy and farm data management firm Farmers Edge plans to keep taking its services to previously underserved acres around the world, with a major cash infusion from a group of its backers. Japanese commodities trading and investment firm Mitsui, Toronto commercial real estate company Osmington and the Green Growth Fund operated by investment[...]
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Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge.

Wade Barnes’ new playbook

Guide Insight: What can farmers adapt from Wade Barnes’ trail-blazing success at Farmers Edge?

Reading Time: 7 minutes In an agriculture that is struggling to figure out what its future will look like, Wade Barnes may at least know how to get there. And, as his example seems to promise, knowing ‘how’ may put you on the path to knowing ‘who,’ which in farming is the question that will eventually answer all the[...]
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Variable rate technology firm Farmers Edge, whose services include lab analysis of soil, seed and plant tissue, has picked up venture capital funding for expansion. (

Minogue: Precision farming seeks new converts at new price point

Reading Time: 2 minutes Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield + Byers is investing in ag technology with a new stake in Farmers Edge — which in turn now hopes to build its services’ popularity through more attractive pricing. Winnipeg-based Farmers Edge is one of a number of companies hoping to profit from new technology by packaging data solutions[...]
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