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Farming families and communication skills on the farm

There are times when it’s best to treat each other like business associates instead of family

Reading Time: 4 minutes While everyone seems to agree that good communication is essential for success on today’s multi-generational farms, many of us don’t seem to be making much progress. That’s not surprising to Reg Shandro, a Lacombe, Alta. mediator who specializes in helping farm families. After all, we get very little education on how to become good communicators, […] Read more

“Non-farming children suddenly have an interest in what’s going on with the farm,” Wilkins says.

Inheriting the family farm as a gift

Succession in Agriculture: High land prices are driving innovation in how to distribute your land

Reading Time: 6 minutes Farming without some startup help from your family can definitely mean an uphill climb. But getting the gift of a farm inheritance isn’t always such a blessing either. Many farmers will tell you it would have been impossible for them to get started in the business if it hadn’t been for a “hometown discount” from […] Read more

“It can be very frustrating for young, educated people joining a farm team if their education, off-farm work experience or training isn’t recognized or valued by older members of the farm team.

Avoiding intergenerational conflict in farm families

The generation gap is coming back with a vengeance, and farm families need to watch out

Reading Time: 6 minutes The concept called the “generation gap” might not have become a buzzphrase until the ’60s, but undoubtedly there have been generational differences as long as there has been history. So why should today be any different? In fact, however, today may be exactly that — different. With the current speed of cultural and technological change, […] Read more

The No. 1 reason for lack of progress in farm succession planning is the farmers' fear of losing their identity.

Are Canadian farmers ready for the succession challenge?

HR toolkit designed to assist farmers with transition and to help ensure the farm's continued success

Reading Time: 6 minutes Succession planning has become a pretty sexy topic in agriculture. Every hip and trendy professional office for farmers is mailing out their own shiny leaflet to everyone they know about it, and no self-respecting event planner would even think of hosting an agricultural conference without at least one workshop on transferring the farm to the […] Read more