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Sure, harvest season is well behind you, but putting off what you can do now before taking a seat next harvest season is in your best interest.

Steps you can take now to prevent combine fires later

Prevention and preparation are key to protect your equipment from burning

Reading Time: 7 minutes Can anything instil more fear in farmers than the smell or sight of smoke while combining. The potential for loss in terms of equipment, crop and even life because of a fire during harvest operations is huge. Unfortunately, fires while harvesting are not uncommon. This past fall, the fire departments in the County of Forty […] Read more

There might have been a time when the general view was “farming is a risky business, you get hurt,” but a new generation of farmers sees this differently.

The awful, essential detail of farm accidents

Most media have stopped reporting the details when a farm fatality happens — which makes future fatalities all the more likely

Reading Time: 4 minutes Media reports that call a farm death a freak accident and offer scant insight into what actually happened are increasingly becoming the norm. It worries farm safety specialists. What sort of message does this send to farmers? Use of the term “freak accident” is always cringe-worthy, for starters. A freak accident, by definition, is one […] Read more

An aerial view of the Van Raay family's corn silo after it collapsed on their farm.

When a grain silo collapses

This silo collapse raises the question: Do you know what your first step would be in the event of major building failure?

Reading Time: 5 minutes On November 1 last year, when Martin and Teresa Van Raay’s 100-foot-tall steel silo smashed to the ground, it set off a flurry of activity that involved their suppliers, friends and fellow farmers. In the end, it reinforced their faith in their community’s ability to come together at a time of crisis, but that’s not […] Read more

Driver Standing In Front Of Tractor

Compare and consider income replacement insurance

During their careers, one in three Canadians will be sidelined for 90 days or more by injury or disease. Are you prepared?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Most farmers insure their buildings, vehicles, equipment and other farm assets. Many insure their crops and livestock. Increasingly, farmers also use risk management strategies to insure a price they will receive for the commodities they sell. However, few farmers insure what may be the biggest risk to the farm; the inability for the farmer to […] Read more