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Farm family walking across the farm yard.

Take a detour?

For some farms, there are big wins when the next generation gets work experience off the farm before coming back home

Reading Time: 7 minutes Take a look across the country and you’ll see myriad ways that farmers become farmers, and just about as many opinions on the right way and the wrong way to go about it. Good farm succession advice is abundant, as well as checklists to work through, seminars to attend, and even government resources to help […] Read more

Farm family having a meeting.

Better family meetings

Increasingly, the best way to thrive as both a family and 
a family farm is to hold structured, effective meetings

Reading Time: 5 minutes With bigger farms, communication among everyone on the farm team gets more critical every year. These are multi-million dollar businesses, after all, and it is becoming painfully clear that our farms need to give serious thought to how they operate, just like other businesses that generate the same kinds of receipts. “We can’t just wing […] Read more

Woman standing in field of grain.

A place for women

Yes, many women are making progress on the farm. But not enough women, and not fast enough

Reading Time: 4 minutes Women may have been the first farmers, but it has been a long trek to climb to the top in today’s agriculture. Finally, however, women are making progress. Census data show between 10 and 20 per cent of farms are operated by women. Plus, on many more farms, women are key players taking on the […] Read more