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Uncivil behaviour frequently occurs when there is a power differential and a mistaken belief that “nice guys finish last.”

How much did that off-colour joke cost you?

More than you probably think, because we all work harder and better in workplaces where we feel respected

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you think those off-colour jokes, sexist comments, or the occasional angry outburst are harmless, you should think again. The research is clear that rude behaviour can hurt your farm’s bottom line. For more than 20 years, Christine Porath, an associate professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has […] Read more

The right apology

A thoughtful apology can rebuild trust. A poor one just makes matters worse

Reading Time: 5 minutes Although Canadians are known for saying “sorry” even when someone else bumps into us, this is more of a reflex and a nicety than a genuine apology. Unfortunately, when it comes to making real apologies, i.e. the ones that count when it comes to restoring the trust of those we’ve hurt or offended through our […] Read more

Eight etiquette rules for the farm

Smooth manners are becoming at least as valuable on the farm as anywhere else

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all know the feeling, like when we’re at a meeting where we don’t know anyone and we’re feeling awkward about starting conversations. Or maybe we’re new on a board or a committee, and we aren’t sure how formal or informal it’s meant to be. Or when we’ve been invited to an event but we […] Read more

It’s a different world, and the expectations on today’s farmers are higher than ever, says ‘‘Etiquette Guy” Jay Remer.

Farm Etiquette: Essential for business success

If you stick to these six rules, it won’t actually matter which fork you use

Reading Time: 4 minutes You may think that etiquette is all about using your napkin at a formal dinner or the rules for making introductions at a cocktail party. And you’d be right… to a point. Those are certainly aspects of etiquette, but Jay Remer, known as Canada’s Etiquette Guy, says etiquette actually goes far beyond knowing some list […] Read more