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The original 8R concept tractor built by Designworks remains on display at Deere’s Iowa assembly plant.

Now that’s a beauty of a tractor

The look of today’s John Deere tractor starts in its partnership with BMW Designworks

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you walk into a BMW-owned automotive design studio, you’d expect to see scale models and concept drawings of all sorts of sleek automobiles. Seeing a scale model John Deere bulldozer among them might be a bit of a shock. But if it’s the BMW Designworks studio in Newbury Park, California, that you walk into, […] Read more

Company president Norbert Beaujot, explains the workings of a mock-up of a new metering system inside the R&D shop.

A backstage pass to an R&D shop

Join me on this tour of engineering facilities with a group of senior managers actually willing to talk about product design

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I walked through the front door at SeedMaster’s Regina manufacturing plant, Cory Beaujot, the company’s marketing and communications manager was waiting for me. I had been invited to the factory to meet senior management and hear about the new technology the brand is introducing for its 2017 model year seed drills. They had made […] Read more

tractor simulator

Tractor simulator bridges the gap between operator and computer

Simulators are helping engineers finally figure out how best to get your brain and the tractor’s brain working together

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s a good run with the tractor this time. The driver has no trouble piloting a straight line across the field, the machine is humming happily, and the display monitor confirms that all is well. The discs are cutting nicely through the field trash too, and the seed is getting dropped right on target. Then […] Read more