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McDonald’s to promote Egg Farmers of Canada standards

Reading Time: < 1 minute Egg Farmers of Canada is working with McDonald’s Canada to launch a new certification trademark for eggs served in the food service chain’s 1,400 restaurants nationwide. McDonald’s advertising for its Egg BLT McMuffin sandwich sold this summer will display the EQA (Egg Quality Assurance) trademark. “The EQA program is the culmination of decades of work […] Read more

Egg farmers to phase out cage housing over 20 years

Reading Time: 3 minutes Winnipeg | Reuters — Canada’s egg farmers plan to replace conventional hen cages with more humane conditions over the next 20 years, amid growing pressure from consumers, restaurants and food companies. The plan — announced Friday by Egg Farmers of Canada, an industry group that manages nearly all of the country’s egg supply — comes […] Read more

From the first egg to future hen operation

Farmers’ leadership skills are making a humanitarian difference, like Project Canaan in tiny Swaziland

Reading Time: 5 minutes Roger Pelissero gets choked up when he talks about his time in Swaziland as part of a humanitarian effort called Project Canaan. The words that come to him are the only ones he can think to say. “We take so much for granted,” he says. Pelissero sees eggs every day as an egg farmer from […] Read more