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Dwindling diesel supplies could boost price

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Strong global demand and a looming North American harvest could send diesel prices higher in coming months. According to one energy analyst in Chicago, farmers may want to buy some fuel before prices get too high. “We’re telling our people to hedge some of your exposure, because we do think that, barring […] Read more

Enjoy stable diesel market while you can, analyst says

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — The short-term outlook for the diesel market in North America calls for current prices to remain largely untouched through spring planting — but it could change drastically after that. According to Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service in New Jersey, prices for diesel could even get higher than crude oil. […] Read more

Rising diesel could surge with U.S. infrastructure plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Diesel costs in Western Canada are roughly eight to 10 cents higher on average than anytime in 2017, and an industry expert warns that gap could grow even more with a potential surge of U.S. construction. “I think we’re already seeing more evidence of a robust, consumption-driven U.S. as more disposable income […] Read more

Diesel prices poised to rise in new year

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — The lingering effects of two large hurricanes in the U.S. continue to be felt in the diesel market as harvest winds down throughout North America. In particular, Hurricane Harvey was a disruptive force on the U.S. energy market as it temporarily halted production at refineries. Both gas and diesel prices rose in […] Read more

Storms worsen summer slump in U.S. diesel supply

Reading Time: 3 minutes New York | Reuters — U.S. diesel stockpiles did something this year that has never happened in the summer before: They shrank. And that was even before Hurricane Harvey landed, knocking out a quarter of U.S. refining capacity, crippling production of fuel products. Thanks to surprising summer demand, particularly from exports, inventories of diesel, jet […] Read more

Diesel prices could rise further in Harvey’s wake

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Diesel prices in Western Canada have risen by about six to seven cents a litre since Hurricane Harvey ravaged the petroleum-rich Texas coast. An expert with the fuel industry says harvest pressure will likely keep the diesel market from correcting downward, and push prices up a bit more. “So (the market) appears […] Read more

Court decision may boost biofuels, hit refiners

Reading Time: 2 minutes New York / Reuters – The U.S. government may have to require more biofuels to be blended into the country’s fuel supply after a court ruled on Friday that the mandates must be reconsidered, a decision that boosted renewable fuel credits to seven-month highs on financial markets. The decision sank stock prices of independent refiners […] Read more