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After the first time that farmers visit with the social group, Jill Rennie says she doesn’t have any trouble getting them to come back.

Retired farmers show they have a lifetime to share

Support for these farmers stopped the moment they left the farm, until Jill Rennie developed this innovative dementia support group

Reading Time: 8 minutes Retiring from the farm can have a massive impact on farmers’ mental and physical health. It can seem the lucky ones are those who can still live on the farm site, do a few odd jobs, run some errands or help out at busy times. Indeed, the ones who end up moving away from the […] Read more

Alzheimer’s has an impact on many forms of cognition including language, sensory perceptions, orientation (finding your way), and executive functions such as planning and problem solving.

Living with dementia

These strategies can add life quality and meaning for both of you

Reading Time: 5 minutes The challenges of a dementia diagnosis can be compounded by feelings of isolation and loneliness when family and friends stop visiting because they don’t know what to say or do. “People stay away because they don’t know how to communicate with them, but it magnifies the difficulties,” says Dr. Al Power, a medical doctor who […] Read more

Guide Health: Is it really dementia?

Too often we put off getting our forgetfulness checked out, but it may not be Alzheimer’s

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dementia is a chronic and progressive deterioration of mental capacity, and you have probably heard of Alzheimer’s disease, its most common form. In Canada, about 15 per cent of people 65-plus years old are affected, and with the growth of this age group, the numbers of people affected are sure to increase. Dementia is not […] Read more

Getting a diagnosis can be like a kick in the teeth,” says Bill Heibein, “but putting off seeing a doctor is one of the worst things you can do.”

Living with dementia on the farm

Alzheimer’s is a frightening diagnosis, but these strategies can maximize your control

Reading Time: 4 minutes Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be devastating, especially for farmers who want to stay active on the farm. Even if you’re afraid of bad news, however, it’s important to seek a medical diagnosis as quickly as possible. Memory loss or problems with cognitive function may be caused by treatable conditions, explains Lisa Loiselle, the […] Read more

Guide Health: Memory and drugs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone is concerned about memory loss in old age, but before you resign yourself to dementia, check your medications. Some drugs may actually cause adverse effects that can be mistaken for memory loss. For instance, benzodiazepines used to treat stress, anxiety, and sleep problems may remain in the body causing daytime drowsiness and confusion, which […] Read more