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Grain World: Farm consolidation key to increasing yields

Reading Time: 2 minutes Saskatoon | MarketsFarm — Consolidating farms — going from numerous small operations to fewer, but much larger, farms — is central to improving crop yields, according to grain industry observers Neil Townsend and Jason Newton. Townsend is the chief market analyst for FarmLink Marketing Solutions, while Newton is the chief economist and head of marketing […] Read more

Is it time to rethink your farm debt?

Debt has soared with farm income. For most farms, that’s good. But what about yours?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Over the past decade, the consensus among Canada’s ag economists has been clear. Yes, farmers have accumulated more debt than ever. But the debt load is manageable. There’s no looming crisis. Now, however, with the prospect of a series of modest interest rate hikes, can we still be so complacent? First, let’s look at the […] Read more

JBS beats estimates, refinances bank debt

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sao Paulo | Reuters — Brazil’s JBS SA, the world’s largest meatpacking company, beat analysts’ estimates for the first quarter and closed a deal to refinance the bulk of its bank debt on Monday. JBS’ net income for the first quarter, 506 million reais (C$179.45 million), was 48 per cent above analysts’ estimates, with higher […] Read more

Know your farm financial numbers

Which financial ratios could you be tracking this summer to make the best decisions this fall?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Farming is a tough business. Weather risk, volatile markets, potential trade issues, input costs, and the steep investment in land and equipment mean today’s farmers must have formidable management skills to weather the storms and grasp the opportunities. In that context, your financial numbers are a lot like the numbers you get from the field, […] Read more

What bankers want to see when you go to the bank

Getting these documents ready before you meet the bank rep may mean more available financing with better terms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Typically banks review their clients’ financial statements annually as part of a credit review process. The goal is to understand the client’s ability to service debt and how this may have changed over the past year. “We want to help you manage your cash flow,” says plain speaking Tara Conway, BMO vice-president of commercial banking […] Read more

Finance metrics you may not have thought of — measuring financial risk

AME Management Part 3: How balance sheets and operating statements help determine your exposure to risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes The first two columns in this three-part series focused on using the operating statement to monitor operating efficiency and to diagnose operating problems. In this column, we turn to the interaction between the balance sheet and operating statement to identify and manage financial risk. This is very topical currently because of concerns that lower grain […] Read more