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Wheat plant showing new growth with a water-soaked appearance, due to boron deficiency.

PHOTOS: Signs of what’s lacking

Is your crop problem a shortage of macronutrients such as N, P and K, or of micronutrients such as copper or boron? Here’s a guide to identifying some of the symptoms

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many nutrient deficiency symptoms in crop plants look similar and may be confused with damage from frost, insects, disease or herbicide drift. To confirm the cause of symptoms in your crop, you can consult your local provincial crops specialist, consult a soil fertility expert or send tissue samples to a lab with tissue-testing capabilities. An […] Read more

Sandier soils, such as those for potato production, tend to be lower in Mg and pH.

The case for managing magnesium

Like sulphur, Mg is moving into the foreground

Reading Time: 4 minutes No one is taking anything away from “The Big Three.” Clearly, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N, P and K) have a direct and powerful influence on yield, and must be managed with great skill. Increasingly, though, we’re learning that secondary nutrients and micronutrients are also worth paying attention to. In 2016, for instance, agronomists began […] Read more

corn crop

The 4R crop nutrient solution

Here’s an approach to keep consumers happy, and to boost farmers’ productivity too

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most growers have heard of “The 4Rs” and they know it stands for applying the right source at the right rate, at the right time and to the right place. But there’s still a long way to go to actually implement the concept. “It seems the time was right for a concept that helped explain […] Read more