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Seven things to remember when preparing for a farm transition

Where is it written that your parents have to go south for the winter together? Many aging farmers like to visit the Sun Belt at this time of year to get rest, connect with friends and have some well-deserved fun. But what if one of your parents prefers to stay home? When both spouses cannot[...]
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If your objective is to win the argument, it means you won’t be happy until your spouse loses, which is hardly a recipe for a happy life together.

Tips for handling conflict at home

In a dream world, couples would intuitively know how to handle conflict. In real life, these 15 rules are relationship savers

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter how much you love someone, disagreements seem to be an unavoidable fact of life. Nowhere is this truer than on the family farm where the lines between business and personal relationships are blurred. The good news is that it’s possible to eliminate 50 per cent of that conflict through better communication, says London,[...]
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The necessity of conflict

Leadership requires that you do not enter a conflict until invited

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is unavoidable. At many points in life there will be conflict. It is at these times we question the value of conflict and the emotional claim that it can make on us. Is conflict really necessary? Can it be a tool to drive us forward? Let’s start at the beginning. The degree to which[...]
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Syrian agriculture faces US$16 billion bill from conflict

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rome | Thomson Reuters Foundation — Syria’s six-year conflict has caused at least US$16 billion in damage to agriculture — about a third of the country’s GDP — a U.N. agency said on Monday, calling for more funds to salvage local food production as millions go hungry. Fighting has led to extensive crop and livestock[...]
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Is your farm ‘too family?’

Guide Life: Put the emphasis on business, family experts say. It will reduce conflict for everyone

Reading Time: 5 minutes For as long as there have been farmers in Canada, we have pointed with great pride to “The Family Farm.” Maybe, however, we’ve been taking too much pride in the family part of our family farms, and by doing so, we may actually be creating more conflict. Winnipeg business adviser and psychologist Pam Paquet suggests[...]
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