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Judge's legal gavel and Family Court nameplate

Courting disaster

When farm families end up in court, winners are few and very far between. Still, more and more families are ending up before a judge

Reading Time: 10 minutes The British press has given Welsh farmer Eirian Davies her own nickname, the “Cowshed Cinderella,” even though the court case that she brought against her parents, claiming they had reneged on a promise that she would inherit the family dairy farm, certainly didn’t have a fairy-tale ending. When the courts awarded a C$2.2 million settlement […] Read more

Close-up of last will and testament document

A co-trustee’s responsibility

Guide Legal: If asked to serve as a co-trustee, be aware that acting as a rubber stamp will not protect you if things go wrong

Reading Time: 4 minutes When drafting a will, parents often name more than one of their children as the trustees of their estate. Given the dynamics between siblings, it is not uncommon for one child to take on a more active role than another in administering the estate. However, in a recent decision, the Court of Appeal for Ontario […] Read more

For Krystal and Eric, love and commitment mean more than a marriage certificate, but they also worked out the legal details.

Living together, farming together

Common-law is the choice for more and more young farming couples

Reading Time: 11 minutes As Eric Walker tells me about his farm, there’s lots of talk about complex business structures and about his ambitious plans. And there’s lots of talk, too, about family, hope and love. “It’s been a constant whirlwind of expansion, a blur of building, and three babies… that’s on top of the three we already had,” […] Read more