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“As for Canada, I personally think we’re already in recession, government data just hasn’t caught up to it yet. If China sneezes, Canada catches cold.” – Errol Anderson, grain market adviser.

The China (economic) factor and Canadian agriculture

Does China’s economic slowdown have to be bad news for Canada’s farmers? We ask Errol Anderson, does he see hope in the year ahead?

Reading Time: 6 minutes For the first instalment in our five-part series this fall and winter, we sat down with Calgary-based grain market adviser and regular Country Guide contributor Errol Anderson for his insights into what to look for in markets this year. The billion-dollar question, Anderson says, is what will happen in China. Other issues are important too, […] Read more

The number of registered bidders at auctions this spring held steady with previous seasons, with demand for many types of used machines staying strong.

Used farm equipment sales perk up

As sales of new equipment cool, good used machines are holding their value, and in some cases gaining ground

Reading Time: 5 minutes To put it mildly, sales of new farm equipment were terrible — even worrisome — in January and February, based on numbers tallied by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Purchases of four-wheel-drive tractors were down an astonishing 55 per cent compared to 2014. Worse yet, new combine sales had virtually collapsed, slipping 60.6 per […] Read more


Grain analyzer gets attention

Soybean Guide: With more soybeans and corn stored on farm, this new analyzer is paying off

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s easy to see why grain analyzers and testers are garnering more attention in ag circles, from the farm all the way up through elevators and even at large-scale processors. With tighter margins and a greater focus on finding efficiencies, but also with more focus on traceability, more interest in new traits, and more markets […] Read more

Minogue: Optimism reigns at FCC outlook meeting

Reading Time: < 1 minute Regina — Despite commodity prices down off recent highs, resurgent transportation problems and crop disease issues across the Prairies, farmers heard all good news at Farm Credit Canada’s Ag Outlook 2015 conference here Tuesday. “The sky’s not falling,” said J.P. Gervais, chief ag economist for Regina-based FCC. Actually, he said, things are pretty good. If […] Read more

“The true driver of commodity markets is always demand. In the end, demand is king...
and unfortunately right now, those trends don’t look good.” – Errol Anderson

Making sense of ag markets

Agriculture can’t escape global economic trends, but farmers can adapt their market plans to key numbers. In this second of five columns, market analyst Errol Anderson tells us how

Reading Time: 7 minutes Grain prices rise, and grain prices fall. Sometimes it’s a straight supply issue. more grain gets produced, or less gets produced, and prices react accordingly. but those movements tend to happen over the short term. Often too, they’re tough to plan for because they’re sparked by either good weather or bad. Other issues hit on […] Read more

Sometime in the last seven years, land prices and rental rates got seriously decoupled.

Sharpen your pencils

It’s time for a hard look at your rental land. How much does it make sense to pay?

Reading Time: 5 minutes I know I’m not alone. the squeeze is on all across Canada, and everyone can point to sets of numbers like the ones I’m looking at in Ontario, with a short 2014 growing season and with off-the-combine corn well below $4 per bushel. So Country Guide asked the Ontario ag ministry’s farm business analyst John […] Read more

Rapidly rising prices
have made land seem like a safe investment. In truth, it’s more speculative than that.

Farm debt ratio in Canada could create an agricultural ‘bust’

Will history repeat itself, with a sell-off fuelled by farm debt?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are we heading into another bust in agriculture, as happened in the late 1920s and in the 1980s? This is the fear of some farmers, and of some agricultural economists too. George Brinkman, professor emeritus at the University of Guelph, believes Canadian farmers are seriously over-leveraged and that there simply is not enough farm income […] Read more

Our share keeps falling

Farmers’ portion of the consumer food dollar is plummeting. At the very least, it’s something consumers should know

Reading Time: 5 minutes The disconnect between farm commodity and retail food prices is worsening. Throughout 2013, major media warned consumers of rising food costs, with BNN on May 16 reporting, “How much Canadians pay for their food is becoming a major concern.” That same day, CBC added its voice, saying, “Canadian families are planning to cut back on […] Read more

When times are good, rental rates lag behind the growth in land values. When times aren’t so good, though, they’re also much slower to fall.

Sticky land rental rates

With other farmers bidding up 2014 rates, your only choice may be to go big or stay home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grain prices have sunk, but it’s no news in farm circles that farmland rental values don’t look set to follow anytime soon. Nor, perhaps, should it be any surprise. “If we look at the trends in rental rates versus crop receipts… rental rates go up slower than crop income, but then they also take some […] Read more