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Four provinces have specific farm donation laws, says lawyer Mary Childs. But even in other provinces, farmers may qualify for tax credits.

Tax credits for donated food

The pandemic has stretched our ability to supply food banks and provide food aid. New approaches must be found

Reading Time: 4 minutes Even at the best of times, some Canadians can’t afford to buy enough healthy, nutritious food. This year’s pandemic raised the risk that more households would fall into that group. Within just a few weeks of the lockdown, demand at food banks began to rise when millions of Canadians were furloughed or lost their jobs […] Read more

Cheryl and Nigel Gordijk, organizers of the Wilmot Terry Fox Run.

It takes a community

A new generation of volunteer projects and fundraisers are succeeding by reaching out to the countryside

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a time when many volunteer-driven events are struggling, a Terry Fox Run in Wilmot Township near Kitchener, Ont., has increased the money it raises in support of cancer research by more than tenfold in the past five years. Community involvement has been the key to this growth, says event co-organizer Nigel Gordijk. For the […] Read more

Beef producer Bob Gordanier (l) presents $40,000 cheque to the food bank's Bill Laidlaw.

When farm organizations work with charities, everyone wins

More than a trend, feeding hungry people is becoming an essential business practice

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Bill Laidlaw was general manager of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, he had no more insight than anyone else into what food banks were, what they did, or how they operated. Now, as executive director of the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB), he spends a lot of his time lobbying the government, companies and […] Read more