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Until the late 1600s people believed swans could only be white. The discovery of black swans meant that sometimes we get what we don’t expect.

Actually, black swans can be good for us too

We should expect black swans to arise more frequently than in past

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s part of our language now. A black swan is an event that is random and unpredicted and that brings broad consequences. The term originated in the late 1600s after the discovery of black swans in Western Australia. Until then, everyone believed swans could only be white. The discovery meant sometimes we get what we […] Read more

The Canadian Field Print Calculator allows farmers to input information on practices related to land use efficiency, soil erosion risk, energy use, climate impact and soil carbon release.

The ‘sustainable’ agriculture advantage

Staking out the high ground in this debate could be good not just for the soil, but for bank accounts too

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is “sustainability” just another buzzword, or will it have a genuine impact on how farmers in Western Canada do business? Denis Trémorin, director for sustainability at Pulse Canada, believes there is substance behind “sustainability”— but it might not mean exactly what you think it means. Trémorin says sustainability is about operating in a socially, economically […] Read more