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Businesses can avoid becoming hamstrung by finding out what customers want instead of focusing on selling what they have.

Outward-looking business

AME Management: It takes discipline, but an outward focus pays off in more business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever been disappointed that people who work for you don’t take initiative to do what you want done? You don’t feel comfortable getting away for a week because things won’t get done the way they are supposed to? You and the generation ahead of or behind you have ongoing tension that stands in […] Read more

Capture the off-farm bonus

Working off-farm before joining the family farm may never have been more valuable

Reading Time: 7 minutes Country Guide had a simple question to ask farmers who began their careers by working off-farm after graduation. Should today’s young farmers start the same way, with off-farm employment? The eager and unanimous “yes” is still echoing down the halls. But is it right? Or are they farmers only justifying the choice they made? Well, […] Read more

In many other businesses, re-evaluating the business plan is an annual job. It should be on the farm too.

Country Guide’s plan for your farm to thrive in 2015

Hitting any of these 10 targets can make 2015 a year to remember. So get inspired. Pick goals that fit your farm and your vision. The whole year is waiting

Reading Time: 11 minutes A winter wheat leaf pokes through the snow. In the frozen white, that hardy leaf means hope and even optimism. It is a promise that winter will turn to spring, and that spring will make way for summer, and that then will come the harvest. The plant thrives in spite of, and because of, weather […] Read more