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Canada expects Britain to be part of CETA

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters –– Canada expects Britain to be part of the CETA trade deal between Canada and the European Union, and stands ready to work with Britain on how the system will function after Brexit, Finance Minister Bill Morneau told BBC radio on Wednesday. He also defended Canada’s NAFTA trade deal with the U.S. […] Read more

Long-term U.K. study links neonics to wild bee declines

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters — Wild bees that forage from oilseed rape crops treated with insecticides known as neonicotinoids are more likely to undergo long-term population declines than bees that forage from other sources, according to the findings of an 18-year study. The new research covered 62 species of bee found in the wild in Britain […] Read more

Britain to plug EU funding gap for farms, colleges

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters — Britain will fill a gap of as much as 4.5 billion pounds (C$7.5 billion) in funding for agriculture, universities and its regions that will open up when Britain leaves the European Union, finance minister Philip Hammond said. Scientists, farmers and others who got EU funding were facing uncertainty after Britain voted […] Read more

U.K. farmers fear financial ruin from low milk prices

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters — British farmers warned Monday they were facing financial ruin, with falls in the price of milk forcing many out of work and spurring others to blockade distribution centres and walk cows through supermarkets. Farming unions from across the country were meeting in London to urge the government to provide more help […] Read more