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Canada’s claim of being the world’s premium agricultural producer is questionable in the minds of many consumers.

Canada’s agricultural brand has fizzled

Canada used to be known as the top producer of the world’s best food. Now, if we’re lucky, we’re considered second-rate

Reading Time: 5 minutes As you sit in the cab of your combine, swather or truck this harvest season, a point to ponder is how Canadian agriculture will be remembered by the next generation. I think back to my grandfather’s farming days when Canada was considered part of the “bread basket of the world.” Grain buyers depended on the […] Read more

woman standing outside farm with tractor

Farmers finding the right image

More farmers across the country are taking charge of their image, for the good of their farms, and the good of the industry

Reading Time: 10 minutes Located just 20 minutes southwest of Montreal, the farm looks a lot different today than when it was established by Elwood and Marie Quinn in 1982. It sounds a lot different too, which is just what they wanted. Thanks to Philippe and Stephanie Quinn, the farm’s second generation, the enterprise has been transformed from a […] Read more