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Insect post mortem

Top Prairie pest specialists reflect on 2014’s major insect trends… and what they could mean for the coming year

Reading Time: 6 minutes Insects are like the commodity markets. It’s really easy to know what they’re going to do, once they’ve already done it. One of agriculture’s big challenges is dealing with different insects in different geographies, and doing the best you can to hedge your bets. Like the markets, however, insects are subject to a fair bit […] Read more

Fleabeetle on a green leaf.

Insect outlook

Spring is just around the corner, and Prairie farmers will soon be battling hungry pests again

Reading Time: 5 minutes The lingering snow outside your window may suggest otherwise, but spring is right around the corner, and with that comes insect issues farmers should be aware of. The single biggest thing that will affect insect populations is spring weather. Cool, wet conditions best slow those crop-munching pests, says Saskatchewan’s provincial insect specialist Scott Hartley. While […] Read more