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Deere taps tractor-hailing tech in bid to break ground in Africa

Low incomes, lack of credit hobble African mechanization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nanyuki, Kenya/Johannesburg | Reuters — It’s ride-hailing, farm style. Deere and Co. is teaming up with the “Uber of tractors” in Africa and betting on a future where farmers summon machines with the touch of a button. The world’s leading farm equipment maker is outfitting its tractors with startup Hello Tractor’s technology, which allows farmers […] Read more

A stockman rides his horse as he leads another down a road towards the cattle yards in the outback town of Windorah, Queensland, Australia. The Australian agriculture sector says lenders need more oversight and better understanding of the ups and downs of agriculture.

Australian banks face rural lending reckoning

Agriculture borrowers say banks need a shorter leash and call for a compulsory farm debt mediation system

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reuters – Australian potato farmer Tom Fox says he had never missed a bank payment in two decades before a delay sending a shipment to Indonesia during a trade dispute between the countries prompted his lender to force him into receivership in 2013. “I got a letter from the bank lawyers saying I had 12 […] Read more

Follow the five per cent rule

Incremental changes can have a big impact on your operation

Reading Time: 4 minutes You may have heard the saying, “Take care of the small things and the big things take care of themselves.” This is a great piece of advice for life in general, and it also very much applies in the context of running a farm business, where even small changes can have a big impact on[...]
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Four common foreign exchange myths

Gwen Paddock, senior director, agriculture at RBC is a specialist in agribusiness. Since earning her B.Sc. with a major in agriculture economics she has been working with agriculture clients. A farmer at heart, Paddock was raised on a beef cow-calf farm outside Guelph, Ont.

U.S. regulators revise proposal on commodity position limits

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicago | Reuters — U.S. derivatives regulators are revising their proposal to limit the positions that traders can hold in commodity markets to make it easier for some hedge funds and banks to keep large trades. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission wants to allow financial firms to count their market positions separately from subsidiaries if[...]
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Financing proposals — what to take to the bank

AME Management: Provide the essential information to your lender so they can better understand your business and assess your "ask"

Reading Time: 3 minutes In farming, where access to adequate financing is key to success, lender relationships can’t be ignored. Nor can you neglect your approach to your annual review meeting with your lender. This is an important management function that needs focus. How can we best manage those relationships and your annual review for long-term positive outcomes? “Lending[...]
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Paying cash makes him more aware of costs, says Drew Fowler. “It’s easy to put something on credit.”

The critical role of cost control on the farm

Guide Thrive 2015: Upgrading your planning, tracking and benchmarking processes isn’t always easy, but it can put you in charge of your farm’s future

Reading Time: 5 minutes Forget good luck. As a strategy, it obviously has its weaknesses. Worse, it takes your eye off the factor that really makes a difference — how good you are at tracking and managing your costs. If there’s any luck involved in that, says Drew Fowler of Eyebrow, Sask., it’s a word that never comes to[...]
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