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What will the TPP mean for your farm?

AME Management: Overall, Canadian farmers get increased market access from TPP, plus better dispute settlement

Reading Time: 3 minutes The October 2015 Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is a substantial trade treaty for its 12 members, and like other trade treaties, it will introduce concessions on market access, such as tariff reductions and increased import quotas, as discussed below. But there is also considerable focus on food safety regulations as well as on biotechnology […] Read more

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Assessing risk in the farm business

AME Management: Develop a heat chart to see how your business can be impacted by adversity

Reading Time: 3 minutes The process of assessing risk in a farm business is no different than in any other business. In agriculture, however, the types of risks in agriculture can be unique. How an individual views risk, how much they want to accept and how they manage it varies from person to person. Even so, there is a […] Read more

The value of peer groups

AME Management: Farmers willing to listen and take suggestions are good candidates for a peer group

Reading Time: 3 minutes Peer groups are not a new concept. They have existed for years within different industries in several different types of applications. They are also known as peer advisory groups, business-to-business discussion groups, and peer advisory boards. Background Farmers have used external resources to help with management challenges for years. Accountants, lawyers and lenders are long-established […] Read more

Three key alignments for top farm management

AME Management: Define your management structure for the future

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the planets align, life on the farm can be very rewarding, like when your weather is perfect at the same time that there are production shortfalls in other parts of the world and you can price into market highs. There are other alignments, however, that are much more within your control when you are […] Read more