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Klassen: Feeder market firm despite outside influences

Reading Time: 2 minutes Western Canadian feeder cattle markets were unchanged from week-ago levels despite the strengthening Canadian dollar, stronger feed grain values and weaker fed cattle prices. Feedlot operators are wondering if this is a mockery, a delusion or a snare. Shorter term replacements are hard to come by and haven’t softened a half hair length. Small groups […] Read more

Saskatchewan offers provincial pasture leases to patron groups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cattle producers using provincial pastures heading into the final three years of the Saskatchewan Pastures Program (SPP) will get the first chance at leasing them. The province announced in March it would wind down the SPP, kicking off a public consultation process. Based on those consultations, the province confirmed Thursday it will grant the 50 […] Read more

Six ways to keep your cattle wormer working

Resistance among internal parasites to broad-spectrum cattle wormers is emerging in Canada and experience in other countries leaves no reason to believe the problem won’t worsen. On the brighter side, producers here still have a fighting chance to retain the efficacy of available cattle wormers by combining parasite control strategies, says epidemiologist Dr. Fabienne Uehlinger[...]
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Six risk factors for BRD in feeder calves

There are many factors to consider to minimize BRD (bovine respiratory disease) when bringing in feeder calves. Knowing the history of the calves at weaning time, distance transported, vaccination and health history, as well as upcoming weather conditions will help you determine the level of risk. In bringing in calves, or for that matter feeding[...]
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Alberta Beef Producers call for TB financial support

Reading Time: 2 minutes With cattle under quarantine in parts of Alberta after a TB case was discovered in an animal from that province at a U.S. slaughter facility, the bills are starting to stack up. Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) recently said in an online publication that a significant number of herds have been quarantined and the producers notified.[...]
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Four keys to successful calf preconditioning

Veterinarian Mark Hilton shared his experiences working with an Indiana producer who co-operated with Purdue University on a preconditioning project from 1999 through 2009. When they boiled it down, four points came to the forefront as keys to success that could be transferred to other farms.

VIDEO: What cattle buyers want

There's more than one way to sell a calf these days

Reading Time: < 1 minute Country Guide reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Sean McGrath of Round Rock Ranching to find out how he and his family sell their calves. The McGrath family ranch south of Vermilion, Alta, and they’ve sold into a variety of beef programs. In this video interview, McGrath talks about what those buyers are looking for.

Klassen: Feeder cattle prices stabilize

Reading Time: 2 minutes Western Canadian feeder cattle prices found some footing this past week trading at similar levels to seven days earlier.  Auction market volumes consisted of stragglers and late bloomers with minimal numbers on offer; buyers on hand continue to promote the scarcity principle which caused the market to stabilize. Feedlots operators were quite aggressive on 800[...]
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