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Klassen: Feeder cattle markets remain firm

Reading Time: 2 minutes Western Canadian feeder cattle prices were unchanged from seven days earlier. Strong buying interest was noted from finishing feedlots in Alberta. Orders flowed across the prairies keeping prices relatively even. U.S. feeder cattle markets traded $3 to as much as $8 higher in the Northern Plains which also underpinned prices in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. There […] Read more

Klassen: Yearling prices surge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compared to last week, Western Canadian yearling prices were $3 to as much as $10 higher while calves traded $2 to $5 above week-ago levels.  Most auction barns remain in holiday mode; however, order buyers were extremely busy fielding calls for available cattle. This caused the yearling market in Western Canada to divorce from the […] Read more

The right time

For Brian and Joanne Keunen, off-farm experience created an eye for opportunity. But what really paved the way for Mapleview Agri came from the generations innovating how to work together

Reading Time: 9 minutes Like many newly minted high school grads, when he turned 18 years old Brian Keunen went off to college. His choice? Centralia College in southwestern Ontario. His goal? To get a diploma in agriculture, and then to return to the family dairy farm near Drayton, an hour and a half west of Toronto, where he […] Read more

Cattle traceability to pay off in Cargill pilot

Reading Time: 3 minutes UPDATED, Nov. 2 — A pilot program running through one of Canada’s biggest beef packing plants aims to test systems that can show consumers the exact path of their beef from ranch to restaurant — and reward cattle producers for their trouble. Cargill on Wednesday announced a new year-long Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot, with […] Read more

Newfoundland seeks beef cattle breeder

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Newfoundland and Labrador government’s plan to build up cattle breeding within the province is advancing a step as the province seeks a farmer to mind a small Hereford herd. The province on Tuesday put out a call for proposals from farmers to take on a five-year contract handling a herd of five breeding cows […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder market anticipates higher feed grain prices

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compared to last week, Western Canadian yearling prices were steady to $5 higher. Across the prairies, strong demand was noted on limited offerings. Most auction barns are gearing up for major sales over the next couple weeks; however, it appears that a few ranchers were testing the waters and the results were quite surprising. Feedlot operators […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder market firm despite outside influences

Reading Time: 2 minutes Western Canadian feeder cattle markets were unchanged from week-ago levels despite the strengthening Canadian dollar, stronger feed grain values and weaker fed cattle prices. Feedlot operators are wondering if this is a mockery, a delusion or a snare. Shorter term replacements are hard to come by and haven’t softened a half hair length. Small groups […] Read more

Saskatchewan offers provincial pasture leases to patron groups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cattle producers using provincial pastures heading into the final three years of the Saskatchewan Pastures Program (SPP) will get the first chance at leasing them. The province announced in March it would wind down the SPP, kicking off a public consultation process. Based on those consultations, the province confirmed Thursday it will grant the 50 […] Read more

Six ways to keep your cattle wormer working

Resistance among internal parasites to broad-spectrum cattle wormers is emerging in Canada and experience in other countries leaves no reason to believe the problem won’t worsen. On the brighter side, producers here still have a fighting chance to retain the efficacy of available cattle wormers by combining parasite control strategies, says epidemiologist Dr. Fabienne Uehlinger[...]
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