CORRECTION, June 22, 2015

Due to an editing error, incorrect information appeared in the article “Spreading the blame” (Country Guide, May/June 2015, western edition, pgs. 26-28), an investigation by Richard Kamchen into the growing recognition that the railways aren’t the only ones who deserve their share of the blame for last year’s grain transportation fiasco across the West.

Grain companies, in fact, are being charged with profiting from the logjam and taking advantage of the situation in order to widen their basis and reduce prices to farmers.

“The railways got blamed, but the real beneficiaries of the situation were the grain companies,” University of Saskatchewan professor Richard Gray told Kamchen.

Due to the aforementioned editing error, the article, on page 28, incorrectly cited Mark Hemmes, president of Quorum Corp., as stating in an indirect quotation that “…it’s the grain companies that are insulated from the pain, because they know the business will eventually come their way.”

The sentence should have said “… it’s the railways that are insulated from the pain.” To read the corrected version of the article online, click here.

Country Guide apologizes for the error and for any confusion it has caused.


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