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What’s new in corn hybrids

More and more hybrids specifically targeted at the West

What’s new in corn hybrids

Across much of Western Canada, corn is using the impressive results of the last five years as a springboard to become a go-to crop on even more farms. So despite this year’s pricing worries, and despite all the talk of a potential over-supply of the crop, it’s a choice that more growers are loyal to.

The lesson from the East is that when a farm opts for corn, it isn’t just choosing a crop to grow. It’s choosing a way to structure and grow that farm. It’s choosing a future.

In this first edition of our “What’s new in Western corn hybrids,” we went to the companies for a quick summary of the latest hybrids and technologies.

Some companies differentiate their listings between grain and silage hybrids. Others talk differently of their latest technologies. It’s hard to be absolutely consistent in how we summarize them.

As always, we strive to make this list as comprehensive as possible, although, of course, it’s still important to discuss your seed and planting decisions with your dealer or seed company representative.

Also take note of the following abbreviations: CHU means corn heat units; RM is relative maturity.


1756VT2P/RIB is an early introduction that features a fixed-ear type suited for medium- to high-stand populations. 1756VT2P/RIB flowers in the mid-range of the maturity set, setting it up for good quality grain. It is a medium-height plant with very good stalk strength, best suited to 2350 CHU and 77 RM.


DKC34-57RIB is a VT Double PRO RIB Complete hybrid that has demonstrated excellent yield potential and high test weight in all yield environments. It performs best on loamy soils and has very good drydown and stalk strength.

DKC35-88RIB has shown excellent yields across soils and environments. This VT Double PRO RIB Complete hybrid flowers and dries down true to its relative maturity, with excellent stalks and roots.

DKC38-55RIB is a hybrid that performs best on loamy soils at medium to high planting populations. It is a medium-statured VT Double PRO RIB Complete hybrid that flowers early for its relative maturity and has excellent drydown and very good test weight.

Dow Seeds

Grain Corn

DS84J77RA – This exciting high-yielding 2600 CHU hybrid features new SmartStax genetics and Refuge Advanced technology. Strong agronomics and drought tolerance combined with great stalks and roots make DS84J77RA an excellent choice for any farm. The large robust semi-flex-type ear has great tip fill and contains deep flat kernels. Open husk at maturity promotes rapid grain dry down.

Silage Corn

BMR90B94 — This 2600 CHU BMR hybrid is our earliest BMR silage-specific hybrid and features Herculex Xtra insect protection and Roundup Ready 2 Technology. Solid agronomics support high plant densities, good stress tolerance and excellent standability. BMR90B94 provides dairy producers in early season production areas the opportunity to utilize highly digestible corn silage with BMR technology from Dow Seeds.

DuPont Pioneer

P7005AM is suitable for 2000 CHU, offering ultra-early maturity for Western Canada with excellent yield potential. Very good root strength and grain drydown, with exceptional test weight. It also boasts shorter plant height and above-average husk cover.

Elite Seeds

E46J77 R (2150 CHU) is a new early maturing hybrid that was offered in limited quantities in 2016 and will be more widely available for the 2017 season. It is a medium-short hybrid that is characterized by its very high test weight and good grain quality. It is offered with the glyphosate-tolerant Agrisure GT trait.

E50P52 R (2400 CHU for grain or 2250 CHU for silage) combines excellent spring vigour, good stay green and very high yields. It is especially interesting for its dual purpose as it shows excellent silage yield and quality. It represents a good companion to the popular Fusion RR for silage use. It also gives very good grain quality if you choose to harvest it at maturity. It is offered as Genuity VT Double Pro RIB Complete.

E53G52 R (2550 CHU) is a stable hybrid with high yield potential across all soils and environments. It is a versatile hybrid with a late flowering, very fast drydown, high test weight and good grain quality. It offers a very good stalk and root strength and excellent seedling vigour. It represents an excellent companion product to E53B22 R. It is offered as Genuity VT Double Pro RIB Complete.

Horizon Seeds

HZ 1550 (3010 CHU) is a new 75 RM hybrid, launching with very early flowering and excellent early-season vigour, even in cold spring soils. Plant stature is very short which allows this hybrid to have good tolerance to fall lodging, allowing farmers to reach their full yield potential.

HZ 1885 (3010 CHU) is an excellent 78 RM hybrid offering a high yield-to-moisture ratio (Y:M). This hybrid gives high yield with dry grain, reducing your drying costs in the fall with very good in-season plant health and excellent fall stalk strength allowing for an easy harvest.

Maizex Seeds

MZ 1340DBR (2150 CHU/73 RM) VT Double Pro offers ultra-early flowering hybrid with exceptional grain quality, test weight and yield. It also comes with industry-leading early season vigour adapted for short seasons. Open husks at maturity aid rapid grain drydown. It also responds to increased population and is adapted in and does well north of its maturity zone.

MZ 1482R (2250 CHU/74 RM) Roundup Ready Corn 2 is solid agronomics with high yield potential. Rapid spring vigour transforms into early flowering plants with exceptional stalk strength. The ears are 16 to 20 rows around with deep kernels. It’s positioned as a grain hybrid at moderate to higher populations and is also a strong dual- purpose option. As silage, it provides large, robust plants with exceptional starch content availability. It’s also positioned as a dual-purpose option in and north of its maturity zone.

Pride Seeds

A4199G2 RIB/A4099RR is a new PRIDE G2 VT Double PRO RIB Complete at 2150 CHU and Roundup Ready 2 at 2125 CHU for grain usage, featuring early pollination and finish. Nice grain quality and consistency. Rapid emergence and aggressive seedling vigour for a fast, early season start. Very quick grain drydown in the fall.

A5432G2 RIB is an impressive benchmark product family for silage and high-moisture corn use. This hybrid is now also available as PRIDE G2 VT Double PRO RIB Complete, delivering above-ground insect control at 2650 CHU. Very high starch content with very good tonnage potential. Great drought and stress tolerance, plus early flowering with excellent digestibility and milk and beef per-acre scores. Also has a very good Goss’s wilt rating.

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of the Corn Guide

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