New cereal varieties for Eastern Canada

There’s only a handful of new varieties for planting this fall, but they’re worth a hard look

Continued cereal R&D in Eastern Canada means more small-grains choices for more growers.

Increased winter wheat acres are good for Eastern Canada, not only because of crop diversity and longer rotations, but as a contributor to overall soil health. Despite the challenges of fall planting, farmers are clearly deciding there’s real value in maintaining wheat acres: the message is definitely getting through.

Yet other, more immediate concerns are also coming to the fore, including disease. Twitter has been flooded with photos, videos and warnings about disease, and in the cool, wet start to the 2017 growing season, farmers needed to step up their monitoring for leaf rust and fusarium head blight (FHB).

It’s with that overall perspective in mind that Country Guide brings you this update on cereal varieties for 2017. Although it’s been a relatively slow year for the development and registration of new varieties, there’s little doubt about wheat’s continued value for field crop production.

As always, we recommend you do your research and talk to trusted seed dealers about these new varieties for more information and greater detail.

C&M Seeds

JDC78 is a small-seeded hard red winter wheat that has excellent yields for southern Ontario. In previous testing south of London, it has proved one of the top-yielding options out of all classes of wheat — not just the hard red class. JDC78 is named after the “C” in C&M Seeds — J. D. Cameron — who fought tirelessly to get the hard red class of wheat started in Ontario. Among its top features, JDC78 is a short variety with upright leaf structure and excellent protein levels. It also performs well in high-management scenarios.

Arnold is a hard red winter wheat with average yields that really stands out in today’s pricing structure. It is uniquely priced compared to other hard red wheat varieties and will only be grown under contract as an identity preserved WheatPRO variety for a milling partner. In 2016, some growers received more than $300 per tonne for their production. Arnold is pending registration with a limited number of contracts available. For more information, call C&M Seeds at 1-888-733-9432.

DOW Seeds

DS572SRW is a medium-tall awned soft red winter wheat that delivered an average of 110 per cent yield index during a two-year period, and 111 per cent in 2016 (under intense management). The trials are a summary in Areas 1 and 2 in Ontario. This variety offers good overall disease tolerance with above average yields, as well as excellent winter survival and exceptional test weight. More details on DS572SRW are available at


Pioneer brand 25R61 is an awned, medium maturity soft red variety with outstanding yield potential. It has very good test weight, very good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and excellent resistance to leaf rust. It also has improved strip rust resistance compared to 25R46. This product is available pending registration and will be sold in limited volumes for 2017.

Pioneer brand 25R74 is an early harvest maturity soft red with short plant height. It has excellent yield potential and a good test weight. It is an awned variety. This product has above average fusarium head blight resistance, excellent resistance to stripe rust and excellent resistance to powdery mildew. This product is available pending registration and will also be sold in limited volumes for 2017.

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