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New in herbicides for 2019

The latest products on the market reflect a changing mindset in weed control

As winter gives way to spring, growers prepare for another season of weed management challenges. To help, here are new products for 2019, plus some released too late last spring for full distribution.


Infinity FX

Newly registered for 2019, Infinity FX is a combination of Infinity (bromoxynil + pyrasulfotole) and fluroxypyr, providing three active ingredients from Group 27, Group 4 and Group 6. Infinity FX is registered post-emerge in spring and winter wheat against Canada fleabane. It also provides additional activity on sow-thistle and broadleafs including common ragweed, giant ragweed and redroot pigweed. Tank mixes include Varro, Luxxur and Puma Advance.

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Varro (thiencarbazone-methyl) is a Group 2 liquid herbicide to use post-emergence in spring or winter wheat for emerged grass and broadleaf weeds. It’s also listed to control wild oats (including Group 1-resistant bio-types), downy brome, foxtails and cleavers, stinkweed and shepherd’s-purse. Varro allows crop rotation flexibility to sensitive crops like lentils and dry beans. Crop safety on spring and winter wheat is said to be excellent.

Velocity m3

Although not a new product for 2019 in Eastern Canada, Velocity m3 was launched late in 2018 with limited supply. It brings three different modes of action — bromoxynil (Group 6), pyrasulfotole (Group 27) and thiencarbazone-methyl (Group 2). Velocity m3 is billed as an all-in-one pre-mixed herbicide for control of grass and broadleaf weeds. It can tackle Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds, with excellent crop safety and is registered for ground and aerial application.



For soybean and field corn growers looking for a Group 4 herbicide option with a low use rate for pre-plant burndown of broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane, Elevore herbicide is a potential resistance management tool. Containing halauxifen, also known as Arylex, Elevore works rapidly in the plant where it binds with specific auxin receptors in the cell’s nucleus. The company says this binding action improves consistency and reduces weed regrowth. Elevore can be tank mixed with other effective herbicide groups, creating a multi-mode approach to weed control to help guard against resistance and provide additional early-season weed control. Elevore should be applied as a pre-plant burndown, five days before planting corn, and seven days before planting soybean. The product should be applied to actively growing weeds at the one-to-eight-leaf stage, unless otherwise specified.


Authority Supreme

FMC Canada introduces Authority Supreme herbicide, an all-in-one pre-emergent herbicide for use in identity preserved (IP) and herbicide-tolerant soybeans, field peas and chickpeas. Launched in 2018 but with limited supply. Authority Supreme offers a dual mode of action (Groups 14 and 15), allowing growers to layer herbicides, rotate groups and manage weed resistance as they move from their burndown to in-crop herbicide programs. Authority Supreme is in an easy-to-use liquid formulation and can be tank mixed with glyphosate. Each eight-litre jug treats 33 to 50 acres, depending on soil and other factors. Growers can choose the “setup treatment” for their herbicide-tolerant soybeans and get control of resistant weeds, allowing their in-crop glyphosate application to perform better. The higher rate, or “residual rate,” can be used for herbicide-tolerant and IP systems where longer residual is needed for difficult-to-control weeds like waterhemp and lamb’s-quarters.



Acuron is a new corn herbicide with four active ingredients to target annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. What makes Acuron stand out is its excellent waterhemp control, control of Canada fleabane, sharper control of many annual broadleaf weeds, as well as suppression of proso millet. Acuron is a combination of bicyclopyrone, a new Group 27 active ingredient from Syngenta, with mesotrione (Group 27), atrazine (Group 5), and s-metolachlor (Group 15). Its excellent crop safety allows it to be applied on field corn from pre-emergence to six-leaf and on sweet corn and seed corn pre-emergence. Acuron’s four active ingredients and three modes of action in one product make it simple to use and easy to incorporate into a weed resistance management program. It can be tank mixed with glyphosate.


Tavium plus VaporGrip Technology is a new dicamba-based pre-plant and pre-emergent herbicide for Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean. Tavium contains two modes of action for contact and residual control of ALS-, triazine-, and glyphosate-resistant weeds, including Canada fleabane. S-metolachlor, the Group 15 active ingredient found in Dual II Magnum, provides residual weed control. Dicamba (Group 4) offers systemic foliar activity, as well as short-term broadleaf residual weed control. The company literature states that VaporGrip Technology prevents the formation of dicamba acid in the spray solution, minimizing the potential for off-target movement. Tavium can be tank-mixed with glyphosate for burndown applications pre-plant or pre-emergent.

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