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Yoshiaki Shimazaki with one of his dairy cows.

A new cow farm in Japan

Farmers like Yoshiaki Shimazaki are modernizing Japanese agriculture, but he knows they have a long way to go

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a country where agricultural self-sufficiency is low, and where the farming population is old, with few young people seeing a future for themselves on the farm, Yoshiaki Shimazaki decided that agriculture could actually be a great and rewarding opportunity. From a family operation of 80 dairy cows, 70 calves and 300 beef cows in […] Read more

First Came Tokyo

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tokyo is in full execution mode, urging Japanese ag and food companies to buy up even larger positions in countries such as Canada, building on a trend by cash-rich but farm-poor economies that want to assure their food security. Increasingly, Japan is being joined by China and now South Korea. But the strategy is evolving. […] Read more