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Canada, U.S. toughen oil train safety standards

Reading Time: 3 minutes Washington/New York | Reuters — The U.S. and Canada on Friday announced long-awaited safety rules for trains carrying oil, as regulators seek to reduce risks after a series of explosive accidents that accompanied a surge in crude-by-rail shipments. The rules call for a rapid phase-out of older tank cars considered unsafe during derailments, and are […] Read more

U.S. lawmakers fault rail sector for slow service, profits

Reading Time: 2 minutes Washington | Reuters — U.S. rail operators must put investment ahead of profits to clear the way for grain, automotive and chemical shipments now clogging the tracks, lawmakers said at a congressional hearing Wednesday about the health of the rail grid. Rail backups in the U.S. Midwest are particularly acute, with farmers expected to harvest […] Read more

U.S. upholds ethanol mandate

Reading Time: 2 minutes The United States on Friday upheld its program to turn a large share of the corn crop into ethanol for motor fuel, saying it did not cause undue economic harm despite steep competition for depleted U.S. grain supplies after the worst drought in 50 years. In August, as drought seared the Midwest, the governors of […] Read more