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3D printers are already on the market, and faster, better models are in commercial development.

Time to hit ‘Print’ for that machinery part?

How about using your 3D printer to reproduce broken machinery parts? That capability is already here, and it’s getting better all the time

Reading Time: 4 minutes First, let’s get the name right. Until now, we’ve been calling it 3D printing. It’s a name that will probably stick around for a while, but those in the know are already calling it by its newer name, “additive manufacturing.” “The technology is far, far more user friendly and there are really good desktop printers […] Read more

Taking care of business on a hybrid farm

When James Morin went into farming, the family chose to go regenerative, and they haven’t been able to keep up with consumer demand ever since

Reading Time: 10 minutes When James and Josée Morin decided to move from the city of Sudbury to the country in 2012, little did they know that by 2021, they’d be committed to the farm as a thriving business. It wasn’t in the plan. “We were just looking to get out of the city, get some land and put […] Read more

“We needed to get to a place where we could do everything with the push of a button,” says Livingston. He admits it was a challenge, taking some three years of R&D time and investment. Now, however, a single operator can control the whole feed production process from a keypad.

Looking for the green

The inventor of Hydrogreen technology has advice for anyone looking to bring a disruptive invention to market. “Go for it,” he says. “It’s a lot of work and many sleepless nights, but there are huge rewards.”

Reading Time: 7 minutes A new indoor hydroponic technology that raises live, green fodder from seed to feed in six days is starting to disrupt the way livestock is fed on farms around the world. Bill Vanderkooi has been testing the Hydrogreen system on his Abbotsford, B.C. farm for the past two years with his 250 head of grass-finished […] Read more

The agricultural market awaits

Got a great idea and want to bring it to the market? Here’s how veteran Tim Nelson launched Farm Health Guardian when he spotted a pressing need for faster, more advanced disease tracking in Canadian livestock operations

Reading Time: 6 minutes Getting an innovative agricultural product or service to market — and having it sell — is neither an easy nor an inexpensive way to make your mark, so Tim Nelson has some advice if you think you have hit on the next big thing. “Make sure it is of use and relevant to farmers,” says […] Read more

Food hubs need not require a bricks and mortar location, they can be a digital meeting place as well. The point is to connect farmers with consumers, retailers and institutional buyers who can buy their products.

A food hub that grows

Regional food hubs are tackling the shortcomings of direct-to-consumer farming

Reading Time: 5 minutes A proposed $36 million food hub in eastern Ontario may be the model for a more regionalized Canadian food system that will benefit farmers and consumers as they emerge from the disruption of COVID-19. “We know that food sovereignty is on the mind of everyone,” says Carole Lavigne, director of economic development and tourism in […] Read more

Horticultural industry bowed, not broken by COVID-19

Horticultural industry bowed, not broken by COVID-19

Industry needs to examine where it sources labour, both domestically and internationally, says chair of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

Reading Time: 4 minutes Despite extraordinarily difficult issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill George is optimistic about the future of the Canadian horticultural sector. “I’m very proud of how producers have risen to the challenges,” he says. “They always will find a way to get things done.” George is the chair of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association […] Read more

Thinking ‘tomorrow’

Thinking ‘tomorrow’

Saskatchewan grain producer Kristjan Hebert looks for COVID-19 insights to make his operation even more productive

Reading Time: 4 minutes While Kristjan Hebert’s working life hasn’t changed drastically through COVID-19, the pandemic has helped refine his ideas on how the grain industry could move forward from here. Mainly, it’s convinced him even more than before that farming is a people business. “I still feel that people are our number one asset,” he says. “If we […] Read more

“Producers are in “a pretty tough situation,” says Saskatchewan feeder Chad Ross.

The challenge for Canadian beef

Battling through hard times in the beef industry

Reading Time: 5 minutes The 2020 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the Canadian beef industry, but with demand for their products remaining steady, producers are hopeful their businesses will survive through to the new year. “A lot of producers are in a pretty tough situation,” says Chad Ross, president of the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association and owner of […] Read more

Investment in a broad range of agriculture and food sectors, including the agri-environmental field, are planned.

Funds for agricultural innovation

Partnership aims to send the message that agtech is a great place to invest

Reading Time: 4 minutes Developing an “innovation ecosystem” across Canada and increasing the nation’s competitiveness in the global agriculture and agri-food industry are the goals of a new partnership between Bioenterprise Corporation and Farm Credit Canada (FCC). “FCC is the Canadian standard for financial support and banking in agriculture and agri-food in the country,” says Dave Smardon, president and […] Read more

How volunteering is good for you

How volunteering is good for you

Reading Time: 4 minutes It can seem like there’s no end of stories, opinions and advice to help farmers transition the farm business to the next generation. But how do you transition yourself? How do you live with retirement? Volunteering helped Shirley Lahn and her late husband Howard when they were busy farming, and then through the transition and […] Read more