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Farm in South Africa?

Farm in South Africa?

The land is there, and so is the climate. But this may not be the land of milk and honey for you

Reading Time: 5 minutes In many ways, South Africa is an agricultural success story. Its produce and its wines are enjoyed in many countries around the world, and the country isn’t plagued by famines or food shortages like others on the African continent. And yet beneath the apparent prosperity and stability, risks await farmers in a country still struggling […] Read more

For these workers inside a ZZ2 avocado pack house, South Africa’s strategy of building its economy on agriculture is providing stable employment and family incomes.

Africa feeding Africa

While North America’s farmers pin their career hopes on the need to feed a hungry Africa, that continent’s farmers are making plans of their own

Reading Time: 5 minutes A core belief in North American agriculture is that our farmers must produce ever more food if we are to have any hope of feeding the world, particularly areas like Africa where the population is growing so rapidly. The numbers are indeed staggering. According to the Population Reference Bureau, Africa’s population will hit 2.5 billion […] Read more

These combine harvesters are part of the fleet of farm equipment at Jianhu Lantian Agricultural Machinery Co-operative, established in 2007 near Yancheng in Jiangsu Province.

China powers up

The world’s most populous country gets serious about farm machinery

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like so much of China, the country’s agriculture is in a state of transition. While some sectors of the industry are barreling full speed into mechanization, with impressive rates of technology adoption to match the latest in global production standards, the road to modernizing agricultural production isn’t always a smooth one. China is the world’s […] Read more

The traditional Chinese diet is becoming more westernized, changing consumer food demands.

China wants more

This time, it’s China’s demand for safe, high-quality foods that is exploding

Reading Time: 6 minutes For almost any marketer or producer of just about anything, the Chinese market is one they’re eager to get into. The world’s most populous country boasts a potential 1.4 billion customers, and both its middle class and their purchasing power are on the rise. Research by consultants McKinsey & Co. suggests that by 2022, more […] Read more

AGCO bets big on China

AGCO bets big on China

While the war of words heats up between Beijing and Washington, AGCO is becoming a major player in the Chinese economy

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the world’s largest farm equipment manufacturers is predicting a bright future in China, and it is putting its money behind that belief. AGCO, parent company of well-known brands Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra, GSI, and Challenger, has opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Changzhou to serve both its international needs and what it […] Read more

OSCIA: Cover crop options after winter wheat and into standing corn

Reading Time: 3 minutes A two-year research project underway in southwestern Ontario is evaluating various cover crops, including when and where to plant and how to manage them to achieve the best results. They’re being planted either after winter wheat harvest or into standing corn. “About five to 10 per cent of field crop growers use them on a […] Read more

OSCIA: Managing soybean seedling diseases can cut production costs

Reading Time: 3 minutes High soybean yields begin with a healthy stand of vigorous plants. Seedling diseases, along with other factors such as weather, can result in the need to replant and drive up the cost of production. A project underway in conjunction with researchers from the U.S. is determining which pathogens affect soybean seedlings, and developing diagnostic tools […] Read more

OSCIA: Disease awareness can improve alfalfa yield, quality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traditional diseases affecting alfalfa crops are as prevalent as emerging ones — that’s the somewhat surprising finding of the 2012 alfalfa disease survey that was conducted in Ontario last year to look at incidence, distribution and severity of many common diseases affecting commercial alfalfa fields in Ontario. “We were initially thinking we would find mostly […] Read more

OSCIA: Weather key in N recommendations for high-yield corn

Reading Time: 3 minutes Weather can make a big difference in the amount of nitrogen recommended for growing high-yielding corn. This is part of preliminary findings from a project led by corn specialist Greg Stewart of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Guelph, which is evaluating Ontario’s corn nitrogen calculator to determine the accuracy of its recommendations […] Read more