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Hanson Acres: This moment links us all

At the church, each Hanson finds their own way to say what needs to be said

Reading Time: 5 minutes A wild-sounding pack of kids swarmed through the church basement, even getting between Gladys Argue and the dainties table. “Cut that out!” Dale Hanson called in the direction of the herd. “You kids take this circus outside.” At least five small hands made one last grab for the brownie tray as the pack ran for […] Read more

Five ways to help keep blackleg out of your fields

Three out of four fields in Western Canada are showing blackleg,” said Justine Cornelson, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada. For the last 10 years or so, the incidence of blackleg has been low on the Prairies, but lately, she said, “we’re starting to see a slight trend upwards.” Cornelson was speaking at[...]
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Hanson Acres: There’s this time to say your piece

The Hansons knew the day had to come. Somehow, the family pulls together

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jeff Hanson clenched and unclenched his fists. He felt the cool end-of-September breeze as he waited on the church steps, but he was sweating anyway. At least his suit jacket would hide the evidence. He hoped he wouldn’t have to tell his wife that she’d been right. “Lots of people wear jeans to funerals,” he’d[...]
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Hanson Acres: Time to really clean up

Back in the yard, Elaine saw the grain truck parked in front of the house. She went in, calling Jeff’s name

Reading Time: 4 minutes Harvest had been going well for the Hansons. “Haven’t had a year like this with no breakdowns for a while,” Jeff Hanson mentioned to his father, Dale, one morning when they were out in the yard getting their two combines ready to go. “Don’t talk like that, you’ll jinx it,” Dale said. Sure enough, before[...]
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Hanson Acres: Long summer days on the farm, a season for hope

When the weather doesn’t co-operate, it’s time to focus on life’s essentials

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jeff was the spotter, perched on the edge of his seat in the back of the boat watching his six-year-old daughter Jenny and two similar-sized girls clutching onto the inflatable tube at the end of the yellow rope. Greg was driving his boat in loose circles on the South Saskatchewan River, making it just hard[...]
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Hanson Acres: There’s one more job waiting

When Elaine fires up the sprayer, it isn’t quite the experience she signed up for

Reading Time: 4 minutes “I’m not sure,” Elaine said. “It runs so fast.” Her husband Jeff laughed. “I’ve ridden with you in the car. Fifteen miles an hour is nothing like the speed you like to drive!” Elaine rolled her eyes, not even bothering to point out that she didn’t use the car to spray herbicide on a delicate[...]
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Hanson Acres: Mark’s in a swoon, and it’s no wonder!

Despite all the technology on the Hanson farm, it’s people who are in charge, sort of

Reading Time: 4 minutes With two years working on the Hanson farm under his belt, Mark Edwards was a key member of the team. On Tuesday morning, he was in the yard with Jeff Hanson, calibrating the seeder before they took it out to the field. As Mark climbed up to the cab where Jeff was entering seeding rates[...]
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Hanson Acres: When change comes, it comes out of nowhere

Dale and Donna have some real thinking to do, which means Jeff and Elaine do too

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale and Donna trudged across the Hanson yard, heads bent to keep the wet late-season snow out of their faces. They rounded the row of caraganas in time to see their daughter-in-law drive into the yard and park her SUV in front of her house. They watched Elaine climb out, carrying two large brown paper[...]
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Hanson Acres: Mistaken identity in the line at the Co-op

If time won’t stop for the Hansons, at least they should be able to get the names right

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale waited a full day after he’d dropped Donna off at the airport before he drove to the hardware store to buy new LED lights for the house. No discussion about the size of the power bill could persuade his wife that she’d enjoy reading just as much with LED lights. He’d heard all of[...]
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Hanson Acres: Time to get involved? It’s a big question

There’s that four-hour drive to Saskatoon, and Elaine needs an answer

Reading Time: 4 minutes When her friend Kath­erine had phoned back in October to ask if she’d join the board of directors, Elaine Hanson had been pleased to be asked. She liked the idea of learning more about ag policy and how the industry works, but she knew she didn’t have the time. “Why not?” her friend asked. “I[...]
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