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Four tips for better barley production

Four tips to better barley production Whether or not you’re using variable rate technology in your malting barley crop, it is important to use due care and attention when establishing the cereal crop, say two long-time Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers. John O’Donovan, now retired malting barley agronomist ,and Kelly Turkington, a plant pathologist with[...]
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Twelve tips to clubroot management

There are several key management tools producers need to apply to minimize the risk of clubroot either reaching a damaging level, and/or to reduce a heavy spore load of the pathogen in the soil to a tolerable level (about 1,000 spores or less per gram or teaspoon of soil will not affect crop performance). The[...]
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So long AIM — it was another good run

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s all over now except for the crying, folks. Ag In Motion (AIM) 2017 is history. And really the only crying that might be done, is by the dedicated volunteers and employees of the show who stay on the AIM grounds near Langham, SK for another 10 days to two weeks to clean up and[...]
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AIM for Hart: An informative first day

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s official. If you want your province to dry out call Charles Schmidt. This climatological fact was among the many things I learned at the first day of the 2017 Ag In Motion (AIM) farm show near Langham, Sask. Tuesday (about 20 minutes from Saskatoon — the show is still running Wednesday and Thursday, so[...]
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I also need to pay attention to what is happening in the rest of the world,” Frank Groeneweg says. “The crops may not be the same as I am growing here, but what can I learn from their experience?”

Watching for bears

Change Makers: Saskatchewan’s Franck Groeneweg defends his farm against factors that prevent him changing as fast as he needs to

Reading Time: 7 minutes Franck Groeneweg is a young, progressive agri-businessman from central Saskatchewan, and like most of his neighbours, he accepts the fact the only constant in life and in farming is change. “There is always going to be change, and I try to embrace it,” Groeneweg says. “I look at it and ask, what is the opportunity[...]
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Selling your grain at an optional price

Don’t know how (or when) to sell your grain using options? You aren’t the only one, so this advice may help

Reading Time: 3 minutes Maybe your primary marketing plan has always been to consider forward-pricing and delivery contracts that are offered by local elevators, even though you know it doesn’t always work out as well as you’d like. Tyler Welygan-Reiling of Agra Risk Solutions suggests the following basic strategy that uses some of the marketing tools available in the[...]
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Looking for more price security when selling grain?

Basic marketing tools can generate some of the quickest paybacks on the farm. Here’s how one advisory company gets its farmers started

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pulling out of the farm gate with a loaded grain truck, a producer can turn right and go to a local elevator that is posting a price that’s $20 a tonne more for your crop, or you could turn left and go to another elevator that’s paying $20 less. Which is the best choice? Reality[...]
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Lessons learned from the last crop

It pays to do some ‘regressive analysis’ to see if some practice or treatment helped a crop excel even under adverse conditions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yield results aren’t necessarily the end of the story, says a longtime western Canadian agrologist who recommends farmers get more scientific about how they use those yield numbers as a reference point for examining the past season, and for planning the next year. Increasingly, data analysis will drive crop production, says Rob Saik, who founded[...]
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For Josh Fankhauser, integrating field data with the decisions he makes in the shop leads to better, more profitable crop performance the next summer.

Gigs of data at work on the farm

Data Analysis: Rigorous analysis of numbers from the field helps this farm achieve its business objective

Reading Time: 8 minutes When Josh Fankhauser isn’t in the shop fine tuning some equipment, he’s often at his office computer, wading through gigabytes of crop production data and analyzing numbers. Like a lot of farmers, Fankhauser is happy with a wrench in his hand, and in a world where the ethos is “throw it out, buy new,” he[...]
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