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Developing the communication skills needed to help the business thrive should be a priority of every farm family.

Assertive, or co-operative?

A better way to drive business success on your family farm with effective communication and conflict resolution

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have taught in the CTEAM program for 20-plus years. During sessions on strategic human resource management, participants routinely say that communication — particularly when dealing with conflict — is something they struggle with. Early participants questioned the benefits of formal communication approaches, such as information sharing and decision-making meetings. They were also hesitant to […] Read more

Research has found that employees find it more motivating when given ongoing performance feedback.

The strategic approach to managing employees

AME Management: It's important to foster a culture of employee engagement so people feel respected, motivated

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you own or manage an agricultural business of any size, you likely have a number of employees (family members or otherwise) working with you. And you have them for good reason. Employees come with many benefits, or at least they should. Employees with specialized skills can provide missing competencies and networks, allowing the business […] Read more