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Should you buy a combine, or stay with custom?

The decision depends on how much you lose to spoilage, so you need to think like a grocery store produce manager

Reading Time: 8 minutes Sue and Jim have increased their grain and oilseed operation to 4,500 acres. Until now they’ve hired a custom combine operator, but he’s retiring. Originally they had hired him as a means of economizing investment, but now they are more financially secure. They already have swathing and hauling equipment, and wonder if they should buy […] Read more

Are there ways to stop AgriStability from tipping its payments toward some types of farms, and away from family grain farms?

Can you count on AgriStability?

A lot depends on the kind of operation you’re running, and whether you use family labour

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sue and Jim started farming by buying 300 acres, with buildings. By renting additional land, they quickly expanded to 2,500 acres. They supported this expansion with machinery that was mainly leased, and hired custom harvesting. They relied on a bank line of credit for much of their operating money. The last five years were good, […] Read more