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Cigi pulse technologist Gina Boux says incorporating yellow peas in food products such as crackers offers a chance to add value to the crop.

Boosting nutrition in gluten-free foods

Peas, beans and lentils provide a healthy option to corn starch and rice flour

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Canadian International Grains Institute has been investigating the use of pulse ingredients as a way to improve nutrition in commercial gluten-free food products, and to add value to Canadian pulse crops. Currently halfway through its four-year project called “Development of Gluten-Free Products Using Pulse Ingredients,” Cigi has incorporated pulses in tortillas, pan breads and […] Read more

Yulia Borsuk, Cigi’s technical specialist in baking (l), demonstrates the properties of Canadian wheat at a bakery in Peru.

Promoting Canadian wheat in Latin America

Customers in Peru and Chile like the quality of CWRS, and are interested in more CPSR

Reading Time: 3 minutes For several years Latin American customers of Canadian wheat and durum have met with technical staff from the Canadian International Grains Institute to learn about analytical techniques and processes to evaluate wheat and flour quality. Most recently representatives from Cigi’s baking, milling and analytical services areas spent time in Chile and Peru. While in Chile, […] Read more

Dozens of prospective varieties are sampled for milling and baking characteristics before they can be recommended to become part of a Canadian wheat class.

Showing how new wheat varieties perform

Cigi represents the end-use customer at the table when new varieties are being considered for registration

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last February the Prairie Grain Development Committee recommended registration of crop lines that included 27 new wheat varieties. Technical staff from the Canadian International Grains Institute participated on quality evaluation teams involved in the recommendations, representing end-use interests of customers of Canadian grains from around the world. “The annual meeting is designed to evaluate data […] Read more

Five new winter wheats evaluated at Cigi

Flour yield and colour have been found to be better than in U.S. varieties

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investigation of the quality of Canada Western Red Winter wheat varieties has been ongoing at the Canadian International Grains Institute in support of the industry with an aim to increase awareness of its quality potential for both customers and producers. In 2014, Cigi created a winter wheat technical specialist position with funding from the Alberta […] Read more

Heather Maskus of Cigi works with customers to show how pulse flours can be blended in foods such as baked goods and pasta.

Canadian pulses for the world

Cigi will engage with industry on pulse quality during International Year of Pulses

Reading Time: 2 minutes In recognition of the United Nations declaration of 2016 as International Year of Pulses (IYP), several pulse-related events are planned in Canada and other countries in an effort to draw global attention to the use of pulses. Themes being promoted include food security, nutrition and innovation; creating awareness; market access and stability; and productivity and […] Read more

Pasta involves mixing durum semolina with water to form a stiff dough which is then extruded through a mould or die.

The difference between noodles and pasta

Noodles are usually made from common wheat, while pasta is mainly made with durum

Reading Time: 3 minutes Noodles and pasta are common food products that people often think are the same thing, but beneath the surface there is a lot that differentiates them, says a technical staff member at Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute). “Visitors to Cigi’s processing facilities frequently ask what is the difference between them,” says Kasia Kaminska, technician in […] Read more

Adding yellow peas to a serving of cereal can boost its protein content by five times.

Peas — your morning cereal

Cereal manufacturers are looking to counter declining sales by increasing the nutritional content of their products

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the quality of processed foods faces greater scrutiny from consumers and media, the food industry has responded by focusing greater attention on improving nutrition in their products. Cigi (Canadian International Grains institute) is currently working with an international pulse task force led by representatives from major food-processing companies, food equipment manufacturers, millers, and the […] Read more

Boosting bread flour with barley

Barley can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, regulate blood glucose levels and possibly offset certain cancers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding better ways to mill Canadian food barley into flour may open opportunities for its commercial use as a healthy ingredient. Preliminary work done several years ago at Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) revealed that milling performance of food barley is improved when it is blended with wheat, producing flour with enhanced nutritional properties. During […] Read more

Chickpea pita.

Laying a foundation for Canada’s pulse industry

Today we know more about how to make the pulse industry grow, thanks to a decade of Cigi research

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was 10 years ago that the Canadian International Grains Institute launched its pulse-processing and specialty milling facility, and since then, Cigi’s pulse activity on behalf of the Canadian industry has leapt ahead. “There was a need in Canada to add value to pulses by processing domestically,” says Peter Frohlich, project manager for pulses and […] Read more

Canada’s durum wheat and the couscous factor

Canada’s durum meets the high quality requirements of its biggest market

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although durum wheat is synonymous with pasta as an end product, Canada’s biggest durum-importing region actually uses a significant percentage of its imports for couscous. “North Africa is different from the rest of the world with respect to the use of durum because a lot of it is used for couscous, whereas when the rest […] Read more