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Editor’s Desk: Get your mind around it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Of all the sciences, which is the most important for your farm? Is it biology, or soil science, or chemistry, or electronics? My vote is for none of those. My vote is for psychology. I hope that surprises you, because it sure surprised me. I had just finished talking to young wannabe farmers at Ridgetown […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: Test the next generation

Reading Time: 2 minutes I can’t help thinking we’d all be better off if some of those exuberant FCC T-shirts that shout “100% Farm Boy” or “Future Farmer” would curb their enthusiasm just a notch. Yes, it’s a great time in agriculture, all things considered, and yes, agriculture is a great place to be, but we should think twice […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: Leading from the front

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Most bad decisions get made in good times.” We’ve all heard it, and most of us have said it. Except I’m not sure I believe it. I see precious little indication that farmers have been making bad decisions during the past five years. At Country Guide, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for signs of […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: One boy at a time

Reading Time: 2 minutes As associate editor Gord Gilmour reports in the November 2014 issue of Country Guide, more women than men now attend our ag universities. I’m not being alarmist — at least, I hope I’m not — and I’m not a zealot for absolute gender equality in every job or every outcome. I note the irony too […] Read more

Hand picked for the Ross internship, Lauver sees 
these western fields as the upcoming base for one of the world’s great revolutions

Great expectations

Faced with their own succession crises, ag businesses are drafting tomorrow’s star players, like Pioneer’s Andrew Lauver

Reading Time: 6 minutes Across the country, agriculture has evolved at blinding speed. Today’s farms operate on a scale and at a pace that no one could have imagined 20 years ago, not to mention the sophistication of their financial and business management, or the sheer value of the assets they must command. It’s why all eyes are on […] Read more