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Four options to help deal with a feed shortage

What is your best option if you’re short on feed? “Each farm is different and therefore doing your numbers as they pertain to your situation is paramount,” said provincial economics extension specialist Herman Simons. “In addition, each option has different pros and cons, which should be listed and taken into account when determining the best[...]
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Crops mowed down by the great white combine can have high concentrations of nitrates and need to be tested before being used as feed.

Nitrate accumulation a danger in hailed-out crops

The crop, its development stage, and the amount of nitrogen in the soil all need to be considered

Reading Time: 2 minutes Think about nitrate accumulation when salvaging cereal, oilseed, or hay crops damaged by hail, says a provincial beef and forage specialist. “Nitrate accumulation occurs in a plant when it is injured and is not able to convert nitrate to protein efficiently after a hailstorm,” said Barry Yaremcio. “In non-legume crops, water and nutrients are pushed[...]
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Most Alberta crops in good to excellent condition

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has issued its latest crop report with conditions to July 19. This is an abbreviated version; click here for the full report and tables by region. With significant rains across the province, particularly in the South and Central Regions over the past two weeks, most of the agricultural lands in Alberta[...]
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Salvaging hail-damaged crops

Reading Time: 2 minutes Storm damage to crops can result in problems with nitrate accumulations, especially if the crops were heavily fertilized or manured in the spring to optimize yield. “With volatile weather comes storm damage and, for some producers, this means salvaging crops for feed,” says Andrea Hanson, beef extension specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Airdrie. Hanson cautions[...]
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Three traits of profitable farms

“Recently, farm management expert Professor Eric A. DuVuyst of Oklahoma State University shared three traits common to all successful producers, drawing on observations and experience gained from working within five U.S. land grant universities,” said provincial farm management specialist Rick Dehod. “We definitely see these same three common traits in our successful Alberta producers.”

Stripe rust survey update for southern Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week, Dr. Denis Gaudet and his crew at AAFC-Lethbridge surveyed 23 spring wheat fields from Cardston to Vulcan for stripe rust. Stripe rust was seen in 50 per cent of the fields with the average incidence ranging from trace to 5 per cent. In three fields, incidences ranged from 15-90 per cent but severities[...]
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“Exceptional” crop ratings in Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has released its biweekly crop report for July 24. The provincial summary follows. The full report is available alongside. Alberta has seen the return to more seasonal temperatures over the past several weeks following the hot weather experienced two weeks ago. Sporadic light and heavy showers were reported in all[...]
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Beware of baling hay too early in hot weather

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Alberta Agriculture beef specialist warns that hay needs to be completely cured before being baled. Recent high temperatures, resulting in quick drying conditions, have some producers heading out to bale within two to four days after cutting. If hay isn’t completely cured, there could be damage to the hay after being baled. “Moisture probes[...]
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First frost hits northern Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ralph Wright, soil moisture specialist with Alberta Agriculture, has released a map showing that overnight temperatures dipped below zero across two large areas on the night of Sept. 11-12 These areas are roughly centred around Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Several stations recorded overnight temperatures that dipped below 0 C, across two large areas; one centred[...]
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